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Atkinson, Benedict --- "Bibliography" [2007] SydUPLawBk 21; in Atkinson, Benedict (ed), "The True History of Copyright - The Australian experience 1905-2005" (Sydney University Press, 2007) 443



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Australian Copyright Law Review Committee reports:

Crown Copyright (2005)

Copyright and Contract (2002)

Jurisdiction and Procedures of the Copyright Tribunal (2002)

Simplification of the Copyright Act: Part 2 (1999)

Simplification of the Copyright Act: Part 1 (1998)

Computer Software Protection (1994)

Report on Journalists' Copyright (1994)

Conversion Damages (1990)

Importation Provisions (1988)

Moral Rights (1988)

Performers' Protection (1987)

Report on Reference Concerning the Meaning of Publication in the Copyright Act (1984)

Australian House of Representatives Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Reports:

Advisory Report on the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Bill 1999, AGPS, 1999.

Cracking Down on Copycats: A Report on the Enforcement of Copyright in Australia, AGPS, 2000.

Review of Technological Protection Measures Exceptions, AGPS, 2006.

Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Reports:

Copyright Amendment (Importation of Sound Recordings) Bill, AGPS, 1999.

Copyright Amendment (Parallel Importation) Bill, AGPS, 2001.

Copyright Legislation Amendment Bill, 2004.

Copyright Amendment Bill, 2006.

Australian Intellectual Property and Competition Review Committee:

Issues Paper, AGD, 1999.

Review of Intellectual Property Legislation under the Competition Principles Agreement, AGPS, 2000.

Australian Prices Surveillance Authority Reports:

Inquiry into Book Prices, 1989, Report Nos 24–25, PSA, Melbourne.

Inquiry into the Prices of Sound Recordings, 1990, Report No 35, PSA, Melbourne.

Inquiry into Prices of Computer Software, Report Nos 44 and 46, PSA, Melbourne.

Australian Royal Commission Reports:

Report of the Royal Commission on Wireless, Government Printer for State of Victoria for Commonwealth, 1927.

Report of the Royal Commission on Performing Rights, Commonwealth Government Printer, 1933.


Benefits of Copyright Protection, UK Patent Office, at

Copyright Industries in the US Economy – the 2002 Report, Economists Incorporated, International Intellectual Property Alliance, 2002.

Copyright Reform and the Digital Agenda, Discussion Paper September 1997, Australian Attorney General’s Department and Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Digital Agenda Copyright Amendments: Proposed Provisions implementing the Government’s decision on the Digital Agenda Reforms – Exposure Draft and Commentary, Australian Attorney General’s Department and Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, 1999.

Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use, WIPO, WIPO Publication No 489(E).

Short Guide to Copyright Law in Australia, 2001 (booklet), Australian Attorney General’s Department.

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US Copyright Office Strategic Plan 2002–2006, Part 1, US Copyright Office, 2002.

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Integrating Intellectual Property Rights and Development Policy, International Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, 2002.

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Report of the Copyright Law Review Committee 1959, Commonwealth Government Printer, 1960.

Report of the Copyright Law Committee on Reprographic Reproduction, AGPS, 1976.

Report of the Law of Copyright Committee (1909) Cd 4976.

-----------------------Appendix of Statements of Evidence Submitted to the Committee Cd 5051.

Report of the Royal Commission on Copyright of 1878, 24 PP C2306.

Report on Review of Digital Agenda Reforms, Phillips Fox Lawyers for Commonwealth of Australia, AGD, 2004.

Files from National Archives of Australia


Crown Copyright1914/3164


Govt copyright in various maps /1/222


Copyright Convention 1929/3612 1–4

Compulsory tribunal 1936/472

Copyright – review of legislation 1960/2477

Copyright Bill 1966 – compulsory licence for manufacture of records 1966/2269

Copyright Act 1968 suggested amendments 1968/2863

Committee to review provisions of the Act relating to photocopying 1974/2893 Parts 111

Copyright Committee – Matters arising out of the report 1960/2101 1–5

CLRC proposals and representations 1958/2338

Copyright – works commissioned by govt 1974/5475

Copyright Law Review Committee

– correspondence 1961/2068

– correspondence 1958/2370

– proposals/representation 1958/2338

Crown Copyright 1929/3611

Gramophone Industry re Brussels Convention 1935/1349

Royal Commission on Wireless 1 929/3711


APRA (copyright) SF1/2

Correspondence with APRA SF1/4

Copyright memo SF1/5

Papers for Sir Harrison Moore SF1/6

Account of deputation to AG by APRA etc SF1/7

Fees collected by APRA SF1/8

Performing rights SF1/9

Broadcasters copyright draft bill SF1/11

Rome Copyright conference SF1/12

APRA reply to HOR statements SF1/14

B Class stations and APRA SF1/18

The case for the performing right SF1/19

A Class stations position 1928/29 SF 1/21

Music performing right SF1/22

Copyright broadcasting SF1/24

Broadcasting issues SF1/29

Royal Commission on Performing Rights SF1/83

International Copyright Convention SF2/28

Royal Commission on Performing Right SF1/28

USA Performing Rights fees SF1/29

AG speech SF1/30

Comparative fees SF1/31

Cinematograph exhibitors SF1/43

Arbitration report of wireless commission SF1/65/pt 4

Gramophone company on rate of royalties SF1/70

Original report of Royal Commission on the Performing Right SF1/79

Royal Commission various papers SF1/80

Royal Commission various papers SF1/81

Appointment of Royal Commissioner SF1/83

Correspondence SF1/89

Mr Bonney address SF1/85

Mr Keating address SF1/86

Addresses SF1/87, SF1/88

Royal Commission on Performing Rights – correspondence of the Commission NN CA2449

APRA – comparison of Berlin and Rome conventions SF1/65 Pt 5

Raymond Report (NZ) SF1/25

International Copyright Convention – Harrison Moore SF2/7

Rome convention – Sir W Harrison’s suppl report SF2/8

Droit moral and moral works SF2/8

Corresp re ICC Rome SF2/11

GS Brown report on Berne revisions SF2/12

Conference on authors rights SF2/14

Correspondence with gramophone industry SF2/17

Recommendations/statement of reasons SF2/18

Berne text – Berlin cf Rome SF2/20

ICC – Report of the Owen Commission SF2/21

AG opinion re tribunal SF2/24

Brussels Conference 1936 – Instructions to delegate SF2/26

Revision of the Berne Convention SF2/33

Intern Copyright Conference Brussels 1936 – Correspondence SF2/33

UK Report 1909 SF2/34

National Association of Broadcasters SF2/38

Issues paper – rights of record manufacturers SF2/39

Report of the Board of Trade – 1936 SF2/40

Copyright Conferences 2427/1911


Copyright on transcriptions 1958/4759

Conference on question of copyright affecting B class stations 1928/225 MP 341/1


Crown copyright – practice to be followed DS1914/2430


Brussels Conference L1948/3/3/3/8


Copyright Bill Submission 279 333/LEG

Sample memorandums

Memorandum on Artistic Copyright, Attorney General to Governor General of Australia (for despatch to Colonial Secretary), 28 December 1906, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on Artistic Copyright, Colonial Secretary to Governor General of Australia, 31 January 1907, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on Artistic Copyright, Attorney General to Minister for External Affairs, 28 May 1907, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum re Cabinet Decision on Artistic Copyright, Attorney General, 2 September 1907, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on Artistic Copyright, Prime Minister to Governor General, 23 December 1907, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on Copyright Conference in London – Instructions to Commonwealth Representative, Attorney General, 10 December 1908, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum, Secretary Department of External Affairs to Captain Collins, 5 January 1909, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum of Proceedings of the Imperial Copyright Conference 1910, Dominions No 3, London, HMSO, July 1910, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on the Copyright Bill 1911, Council of the Publishers Association of Great Britain and Ireland to the House of Lords, 12 November 1911.

Memorandum on the Report of the Committee on Copyright Law Revision of the Australian Commonwealth, British Joint Copyright Council, April 1961, National Archives of Australia.

Cabinet Decision No 172(GA), 20 April 1966, National Archives of Australia.

Cabinet Decision No 333, 17 May 1966, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum Parliamentary Draftsman to Legislation Committee of Cabinet, 66/1094, 15 May 1967, National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum on Copyright Bill, L J Curtis, for Secretary, Attorney General’s Department to Attorney General, 31 August 1967, 66/2270 National Archives of Australia.

Memorandum, Lindsay Curtis, Senior Assistant Secretary, Attorney General’s Department to the Attorney General, 66/2269, 31 August 1967, National Archives of Australia.

Memoranda LJ Curtis, Attorney General’s Department, National Archives of Australia: 66/2269 Representations by Association of Australian Record Manufacturers, 66/2269, 31 August 1967;

60/2101 Summary of Representations, 31 August 1967; and

60/2101 Decisions on Representations 14 September 1967.

Primary Sources

Departmental and Cabinet archives Australia, 1903–1968.

Australian Hansard 1903–1968.

The Times Parliamentary Reports 1911–1913, 1955–56.


The Sydney Morning Herald 1903–1975.

The Times 1910–1956.

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