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This is a Bill, not an Act. For current law, see the Acts databases.





(As presented)

(Mr Wayne Berry)

Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Bill 2006

A Bill for

An Act to amend the Legislative Assembly Precincts Act 2001

The Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory enacts as follows:

1 Name of Act

This Act is the Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Act 2006.

2 Commencement

This Act commences on the day after its notification day.

Note The naming and commencement provisions automatically commence on the notification day (see Legislation Act, s 75 (1)).

3 Legislation amended

This Act amends the Legislative Assembly Precincts Act 2001.

4 New section 7A


7A Licences

(1) The Speaker may, on behalf of the Territory—

(a) grant a licence to a person to use any part of the Assembly precincts; and

(b) exercise any rights of the Territory in relation to the licence.

Note 1 If a form is approved under s 11B for a licence, the form must be used.

Note 2 A fee may be determined under s 11A for this provision.

(2) A licence under subsection (1) must—

(a) be in writing; and

(b) identify the licensee; and

(c) state—

(i) the part of the Assembly precincts to which it applies; and

(ii) the use and period for which it applies.

(3) A licence under subsection (1) is subject to any condition stated in the licence.

(4) In this section:

Assembly precincts includes anything within the precincts.

5 New sections 11A and 11B


11A Determination of fees

(1) The Speaker may determine fees for this Act.

Note The Legislation Act contains provisions about the making of determinations and regulations relating to fees (see pt 6.3).

(2) A determination is a disallowable instrument.

Note A disallowable instrument must be notified, and presented to the Legislative Assembly, under the Legislation Act.

11B Approved forms

(1) The Speaker may approve forms for this Act.

(2) If the Speaker approves a form for a particular purpose, the approved form must be used for that purpose.

Note For other provision about forms, see the Legislation Act, s 255.

(3) An approved form is a notifiable instrument.

Note A notifiable instrument must be notified under the Legislation Act.


1 Presentation speech

Presentation speech made in the Legislative Assembly on 2006.

2 Notification

Notified under the Legislation Act on 2006.

3 Republications of amended laws

For the latest republication of amended laws, see

© Australian Capital Territory 2006


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