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Intensive breeding of cats or dogs

    (1)     For this section, the Minister may determine a standard for the breeding of cats or dogs (a breeding standard ).

    (2)     A determination is a disallowable instrument.

Note     A disallowable instrument must be notified, and presented to the Legislative Assembly, under the Legislation Act


    (3)     A breeding standard may provide for any matter that the Minister reasonably considers is appropriate to protect the welfare, safety or health of fertile cats and dogs in relation to breeding.


1     the minimum age for a dog before first mating

2     the age at which, or number of litters after which, a dog must be retired from breeding

3     the maximum number of litters a cat may have in a 12-month period, or in her lifetime

    (4)     A person in charge of a female cat or dog commits an offence if the person allows the cat or dog to breed in a way that contravenes a breeding standard.

Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

    (5)     Subsection (4) does not apply if the person allows the cat or dog to breed in accordance with the written approval of a veterinary surgeon.

Note     The defendant has an evidential burden in relation to the matter mentioned in s (5) (see Criminal Code

, s 58).

    (6)     An offence against subsection (4) is a strict liability offence.

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