Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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Application for authorisation

    (1)     A person may apply to the animal ethics committee for an authorisation to conduct a program of research or teaching, in relation to the use or breeding of animals at stated licensed premises.

Note     A fee may be determined under s 110 for this provision.

    (2)     If the applicant is a corporation, the application must include the name and contact details of each individual employed or engaged by the corporation to conduct a program of research or teaching using or breeding animals on behalf of the corporation (an authorised staff member ).

    (3)     The animal ethics committee may, in writing, require the applicant to give the committee additional information in writing or documents that the committee reasonably needs to decide the application.

    (4)     If the applicant does not comply with a requirement under subsection (3), the animal ethics committee may refuse to consider the application further.

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