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Trapping permit conditions

    (1)     A trapping permit is subject to any condition—

        (a)     prescribed by regulation; or

        (b)     put on the permit by the authority that the authority believes on reasonable grounds is reasonable or necessary in the interests of animal welfare.

Examples of conditions that may be put on a trapping permit

1     a condition about the species of animals to be trapped

2     a condition about the areas in which traps are to be set

3     a condition about the traps and other trapping equipment to be used

4     a condition about the welfare of any animals that may be affected by the proposed trapping activities

5     that an approved code of practice must be complied with

Note     The authority may amend a trapping permit (including by putting a condition on the permit, or amending or removing a condition of the permit) at any time (see  s 71).

    (2)     A person commits an offence if the person—

        (a)     is a trapping permit-holder; and

        (b)     fails to comply with a condition of the trapping permit.

Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

    (3)     An offence against subsection (2) is a strict liability offence.

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