Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act  
   2.      Application of Act  
   4.      Dictionary  
   5.      Meaning of loaded arms  
   6.      Reference to the jury read as reference to magistrate  
   7.      Notes  
   7A.     Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc  
   8.      Public place etc  
   9.      Abolition of distinctions between felony and misdemeanour  


   9A.     Meaning of aggravated offence—pt 2  
   10.     When child born alive  
   11.     No time limit on criminal responsibility for homicide  
   12.     Murder  
   13.     Trial for murder—provocation  
   14.     Trial for murder—diminished responsibility  
   15.     Manslaughter  
   16.     Suicide etc—not an offence  
   17.     Suicide—aiding etc  
   18.     Prevention of suicide  
   19.     Intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm  
   20.     Recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm  
   21.     Wounding  
   22.     Assault with intent to commit other offence  
   23.     Inflicting actual bodily harm  
   24.     Assault occasioning actual bodily harm  
   25.     Causing grievous bodily harm  
   26.     Common assault  
   26A.    Assault of frontline community service provider  
   26B.    Assault of frontline community service provider—alternative  
   27.     Acts endangering life etc  
   28.     Acts endangering health etc  
   28AA.   Food or drink spiking  
   28A.    Throwing etc objects at vehicles  
   28B.    Discharging firearm at building or conveyance  
   29.     Culpable driving of motor vehicle  
   29A.    Driving motor vehicle at police  
   29B.    Damaging police vehicle  
   30.     Threat to kill  
   31.     Threat to inflict grievous bodily harm  
   32.     Demands accompanied by threats  
   33.     Possession of object with intent to kill etc  
   34.     Forcible confinement  
   35.     Stalking  
   35A.    Affray  
   35AA.   Affray—alternative verdicts  
   35AB.   Review—affray provisions  
   36.     Torture  
   36A.    Abuse of vulnerable person  
   36B.    Failure to protect vulnerable person from criminal offence  
   36C.    Neglect of vulnerable person  
   37.     Abduction of young person  
   38.     Kidnapping  
   39.     Neglect etc of children  
   40.     Unlawfully taking child etc  
   41.     Exposing or abandoning child  
   42.     Child destruction  
   43.     Childbirth—grievous bodily harm  
   47.     Concealment of birth  
   48.     Misconduct with regard to corpses  
   48A.    Aggravated offences—pt 2 offences against pregnant women  
   48B.    Alternative verdicts for aggravated offences—pt 2 offences against pregnant  
   48C.    Aggravated offences—pt 2 offences involving family violence  
   48D.    Alternative verdicts for aggravated offences—offences involving family  
   49.     Alternative verdicts for certain other offences against the person  


   50A.    Objects—pt 3  
   50B.    Meaning of consent—pt 3  
   50C.    Meaning of sexual act—pt 3  
   50.     Definitions—pt 3  
   51.     Sexual assault in the first degree  
   52.     Sexual assault in the second degree  
   53.     Sexual assault in the third degree  
   54.     Sexual intercourse without consent  
   55.     Sexual intercourse with young person  
   55A.    Sexual intercourse with young person under special care  
   56.     Persistent sexual abuse of child or young person under special care  
   57.     Act of indecency in the first degree  
   58.     Act of indecency in the second degree  
   59.     Act of indecency in the third degree  
   60.     Act of indecency without consent  
   61.     Acts of indecency with young people  
   61A.    Act of indecency with young person under special care  
   61B.    Intimate observations or capturing visual data etc  
   62.     Incest and similar offences  
   63.     Abduction  
   63A.    Bestiality  
   64.     Using child for production of child exploitation material etc  
   64A.    Trading in child exploitation material  
   65.     Possessing child exploitation material  
   66.     Grooming and depraving young people  
   66AA.   Failure to report child sexual offence  
   66AB.   Making false report about child sexual offence  
   66A.    Failure by person in authority to protect child or young person from sexual  
   66B.    Course of conduct charge—child sexual offences  
   67.     When a person does not consent to an act  
   67A.    Words, actions and self-induced intoxication of accused person  
   68.     Sexual intercourse—people not to be presumed incapable by reason of  
   69.     Marriage no bar to conviction  
   70.     Alternative verdicts for certain sexual offences  
   71.     Adding count for act of indecency  
   72.     Indictment for act of indecency  
   72AA.   Aggravated offences—pt 3 offences involving family violence  
   72AB.   Alternative verdicts for aggravated offences—offences involving family violence  


   72A.    Definitions—pt 3A  
   72B.    Meaning of distribute—pt 3A  
   72C.    Non-consensual distribution of intimate images  
   72D.    Distribution of intimate image of young person  
   72E.    Threaten to capture or distribute intimate images  
   72EA.   Aggravated offences—pt 3A offences involving family violence  
   72EB.   Alternative verdicts for aggravated offences—offences involving family violence  
   72F.    Consent—pt 3A  
   72G.    Exceptions for reasonable distribution  
   72H.    Court may order rectification  


   73.     Meaning of female genital mutilation for pt 4  
   74.     Prohibition of female genital mutilation  
   75.     Removal of child from ACT for genital mutilation  
   76.     Exception—medical procedures for genuine therapeutic purposes  
   77.     Exception—sexual reassignment procedures  


   78.     Meaning of sexual servitude and sexual services for pt  
   79.     Sexual servitude offences  
   80.     Deceptive recruiting for sexual services  
   81.     Sexual servitude offence etc against person younger than 18 years—charges  
   82.     Alternative verdicts—sexual servitude offence etc  


           Division 6.2A--Money laundering and organised fraud

   114A.   Definitions for div 6.2A  
   114B.   Money laundering  
   114C.   Possession etc of property suspected of being proceeds of crime  
   114D.   Organised fraud  

           Division 6.3--Criminal damage to property

   115.    Interpretation for div 6.3  
   116.    Destroying or damaging property  
   117.    Arson  
   119.    Defacing premises  
   120.    Defacing premises––strict liability  
   122.    Untrue representations  
   123.    Alternative verdicts—criminal damage to property offences  

           Division 6.6--Contamination of goods and related offences

   135.    Definitions of contaminate and goods  
   136.    Meaning of economic loss  
   137.    Contaminating goods with intent to cause public alarm or economic loss  
   138.    Threatening to contaminate goods with intent to cause public alarm or economic  
   139.    Making false statements about contamination of goods with intent to cause public alarm  
   140.    Territorial nexus for offences  

           Division 6.7--Offences relating to causing public alarm

   140A.   Acting with intent to cause public alarm  
   140B.   Threatening to act with intent to cause public alarm  
   140C.   Making false statements with intent to cause public alarm  
   140D.   Territorial nexus for offences  

           Division 6.8--Miscellaneous

   141.    Hindering working of mines  
   142.    Removal of sea banks etc  
   143.    Obstructing navigation of rivers  
   144.    Offences in relation to railways  
   145.    Obstructing railway engines  
   146.    Alternative verdict  
   147.    Displaying false signals  
   148.    Removing or concealing buoys etc  
   151.    Forcible entry on land  
   152.    Forcible detainer of land  
   153.    Disclosure of information by territory officer  
   154.    Additional offences on territory premises  


   158.    Meaning of detention during pleasure  
   159.    Aiding prisoner to escape  
   160.    Escaping  
   161.    Rescuing a prisoner from custody etc  
   162.    Person unlawfully at large  
   163.    Permitting escape  
   164.    Harbouring etc escapee  
   166.    Failure to answer bail etc—offence  


   170.    Meaning of anabolic steroid  
   171.    Prescribing and supplying anabolic steroids  
   172.    Possessing anabolic steroids  
   173.    Administering anabolic steroids  


   174.    Definitions—pt 9  
   175.    Exclusion direction  
   176.    Exclusion zone  
   177.    Exclusion direction—information to be given  
   178.    Exclusion direction—information to be recorded  
   179.    Failing to comply with exclusion direction  


           Division 10.1--Preliminary

   185.    Definitions for pt 10  
   185A.   Search of transgender or intersex person  
   186.    Application of pt 10  
   187.    Application of Cwlth Crimes Act, pt 1C  

           Division 10.2--Preventative action

   188.    Police powers of entry  
   189.    Issue of warrant  
   190.    Entry in emergencies  
   191.    Seizure of firearms—warrants and emergencies  
   192.    Seizure of firearms—protection orders  
   193.    Power to conduct search of person for knife  

           Division 10.3--Search warrants

   194.    When search warrants can be issued  
   194A.   Electronic versions of affidavits and warrants  
   195.    The things that are authorised by search warrant  
   196.    Availability of assistance and use of force in executing warrant  
   197.    Details of warrant to be given to occupier etc  
   198.    Specific powers available to police officers executing warrant  
   199.    Use of equipment to examine or process things  
   200.    Use of electronic equipment at premises  
   201.    Compensation for damage to electronic equipment  
   202.    Copies of seized things to be provided  
   203.    Occupier entitled to be present during search  
   204.    Receipts for things seized under warrant  
   205.    Warrants by telephone or other electronic means  
   206.    Restrictions on personal searches  

           Division 10.4--Powers to stop and search

   207.    Stopping, searching and detaining people  
   208.    How a police officer exercises a power under s 207  
   209.    Stopping, searching and detaining conveyances  
   210.    How a police officer exercises a power under s 209  

           Division 10.4A--Crime scene powers

   210A.   Definitions—div 10.4A  
   210B.   Meaning of public place—div 10.4A  
   210C.   Establish crime scene—public place  
   210D.   Establish crime scene—private premises  
   210E.   When crime scene established  
   210F.   Senior police officer to be told about crime scene  
   210G.   Crime scene powers  
   210H.   Crime scene—duration  
   210I.   Crime scene—frequency  
   210J.   Crime scene obligations—all places  
   210K.   Crime scene obligations—conveyances  
   210L.   Offence—fail to comply with direction  

           Division 10.5--Arrest and related matters

   211.    Requirement to provide name etc  
   212.    Power of arrest without warrant by police officers  
   213.    Arrest without warrant in possession  
   214.    Arrest of prisoner unlawfully at large  
   217.    Arrest without warrant for offences committed outside ACT  
   218.    Power of arrest without warrant by other persons  
   219.    Warrants for arrest  
   220.    Power to enter premises to arrest offender  
   221.    Use of force in making arrest  
   222.    Persons to be informed of grounds of arrest  
   223.    Power to conduct frisk search of arrested person  
   224.    Power to conduct ordinary search of arrested person  
   225.    Power to conduct search of arrested person's premises  
   226.    Power to conduct search at police station  
   227.    Power to conduct strip search  
   228.    Rules for conduct of strip search  
   229.    Safekeeping of things seized  
   230.    Identification material—person at least 18 years old  
   230A.   Identification material—person under 18 years old  
   231.    Destruction of identification material  
   232.    Offence—refusing to allow fingerprint or photo to be taken  
   233.    Identification parades—general  
   234.    Identification parades for suspects under 18 etc  
   235.    Identification by means of photographs  
   236.    Identification procedures if more than 1 suspect  
   237.    Descriptions  
   238.    Examination  

           Division 10.6--General

   239.    Assisting officers—search and arrest of persons  
   240.    Conduct of ordinary searches and frisk searches  
   241.    Announcement before entry  
   242.    Offence of making false statements in warrants  
   243.    Offences relating to telephone warrants  
   244.    Return of seized knife or thing  
   245.    Magistrates Court may permit thing to be retained  
   247.    Laws relating to taking forensic samples not affected  
   248.    Forfeiture of knife  
   249.    Seizure of forfeited articles  
   250.    Disposal of forfeited articles by public trustee  
   252.    When case not to be proceeded with gaoler to discharge prisoner on certificate from  

           Division 10.7--Particular provisions for children

              Subdivision 10.7.1--Arrest of children under the age of criminal

   252A.   Warrant for arrest of child under the age of criminal  
   252B.   Arrest of child under the age of criminal responsibility—without  
   252C.   Police action after arresting child under the age of criminal  

              Subdivision 10.7.2--Preliminary procedures in relation to children and young

   252D.   Definitions—subdiv 10.7.2  
   252E.   Meaning of under restraint  
   252F.   Meaning of in the company of a police officer  
   252G.   Interviewing children and young people about offences  
   252H.   Interviewing children and young people about offences—urgent  
   252I.   Parents etc to be told if children and young people under restraint  
   252J.   Police to summons young people unless ineffective  
   252K.   Parents etc to be told if young people charged  

           Division 10.8--Investigations relating to acquittals

   252L.   Authorisation of police investigations—acquitted person  

           Division 10.9--Fortification of premises

   252M.   Definitions—div 10.9  
   252N.   Fortification removal order—application for order or variation  
   252O.   Fortification removal order  
   252P.   Fortification removal order—length  
   252Q.   Fortification removal order—compliance period  
   252R.   Fortification removal order—inspection  
   252S.   Fortification removal order—removal by police  
   252T.   Fortification inspection order—application for order or variation  
   252U.   Fortification inspection order  
   252V.   Fortification inspection order—length  
   252W.   Fortification inspection order—inspection  
   252X.   Exercising powers—announce entry and explain purpose  
   252Y.   Exercising powers—occupier entitled to be present during  
   252Z.   Exercising powers—use reasonable force  
   252ZA.  Premises must not be fortified  
   252ZB.  Fortification must not be replaced or restored  
   252ZC.  Protection from liability  
   252ZD.  Chief police officer delegations  


   253.    Interpretation for pt 11  
   254.    Declaration of corresponding law  
   255.    Issue of search warrants  
   256.    Authority given by search warrant  
   257.    Offence of hindering execution of search warrant  
   258.    Ministerial arrangements for transmission and return of objects seized under pt 11 or  


   260.    What defects do not vitiate indictment  
   261.    Formal objections—when to be taken  
   262.    Judgment on demurrer to indictment  
   263.    Traversing indictment  
   264.    Orders for amendment of indictment, separate trial and postponement of  
   265.    Amended indictment  
   266.    Verdict and judgment valid after amendment  
   267.    Form of record after amendment  
   268.    Respiting undertakings on postponement  
   269.    Separate offences—when can be joined  
   270.    Accessories may be charged together in 1 indictment  
   271.    Indictment charging previous offence also  
   272.    Property of partners or joint owners  
   273.    Description of written instruments  
   274.    General averment of intent to defraud or injure  
   275.    Indictment for murder or manslaughter  
   276.    Form of indictment against accessories to murder  
   277.    Addition of count for assault  
   279.    Indictments for conspiracy  
   280.    Arraignment etc on charge of previous conviction  
   280A.   Treason trials  
   281.    Plea of not guilty  
   282.    Refusal to plead  
   283.    Plea of autrefois convict etc  
   284.    Practice as to entering the dock  
   285.    Accused may be defended by lawyer  
   286.    Right to inspect depositions on trial  
   287.    Power of judge to record verdict of acquittal  
   288.    Notice of alibi  
   289.    Abolition of presumption of marital coercion  
   290.    Incriminating statements admissible though on oath  
   291.    Evidence of previous conviction charged in indictment  
   292.    Proof of lawful authority or excuse  
   294.    Order of closing addresses  
   295.    Witnesses in mitigation  
   296.    Conviction for alternative offence  
   297.    After trial for offence, if alternative verdict possible, no further  
   298.    On trial for any offence—verdict of attempt  
   299.    Multiple alternative verdicts  


           Division 13.1--Preliminary

   300.    Definitions for pt 13  
   301.    Limitation on orders and detention—non-acquittals  
   302.    Limitation on orders and detention—acquittals  
   303.    Limitation on Supreme Court orders  
   304.    Limitation on orders and detention—dismissal of charge  
   305.    Limitation on orders and detention—Magistrates Court  
   306.    Limitation on Magistrates Court orders  
   307.    How relevant court may inform itself  
   308.    Criteria for detention  
   309.    Assessment whether emergency detention required  

           Division 13.2--Unfitness to plead

   310.    Application of div 13.2  
   311.    When a person is unfit to plead  
   312.    Presumption of fitness to plead, standard of proof etc  
   313.    Who can raise question of unfitness to plead  
   314.    Procedure if question raised  
   315.    Procedure if question reserved for investigation  
   315A.   Investigation into fitness to plead  
   315B.   Person found fit to plead  
   315C.   Person found unfit to plead and unlikely to become fit to plead  
   315D.   Person found temporarily unfit to plead  
   316.    Special hearing  
   317.    Verdicts available at special hearing  
   318.    Non-acquittal at special hearing—non-serious offence  
   319.    Non-acquittal at special hearing—serious offence  
   319A.   Action if accused becomes fit to plead after special hearing  

           Division 13.3--Supreme Court—special verdict of not guilty because of mental impairment

   321.    Supreme Court—plea of not guilty because of mental impairment  
   322.    Explanation to jury  
   323.    Supreme Court orders following special verdict of not guilty because of mental  
   324.    Supreme Court orders following special verdict of not guilty because of mental  

           Division 13.4--Magistrates Court—finding of not guilty because of mental impairment

   325.    Meaning of serious offence in div 13.4  
   327.    Magistrates Court—plea of not guilty because of mental impairment  
   328.    Magistrates Court orders following finding of not guilty because of mental  
   329.    Magistrates Court orders following finding of not guilty because of mental  

           Division 13.5--Referring people with mental impairment to ACAT after conviction

   330.    Application of div 13.5  
   331.    Referral to ACAT  

           Division 13.6--Summary proceedings against mentally impaired people

   332.    Application of div 13.6  
   333.    Indictable offences heard and determined summarily  
   334.    Powers of Magistrates Court  
   335.    Fitness to plead—Magistrates Court  
   335A.   Action if accused becomes fit to plead after hearing  
   336.    How Magistrates Court may be informed  


   367.    Procedure on forfeiture  
   371.    What not sufficient to stay or reverse judgment  
   372.    Pronouncing proper judgment  
   373.    New trials regulated  


   374.    Summary disposal of certain cases at prosecutor's election  
   375.    Summary disposal of certain cases—Magistrates Court  
   375AA.  Summary disposal of certain cases—Childrens Court  
   375A.   Withdrawal of consent to summary disposal of case  
   376.    Saving of other summary jurisdiction  
   377.    Certificate of dismissal  
   378.    Summary conviction or dismissal bar to indictment  
   379.    Misbehaviour at public meetings  
   380.    Possession of offensive weapons and disabling substances  
   381.    Possession of offensive weapons and disabling substances with intent  
   382.    Possession of knife in public place or school  
   383.    Sale of knife to person under 16  
   384.    Retail supplier of knives to display sign  
   385.    Laying of poison  
   387.    Making false invoice  
   388.    Application of compensation  
   389.    Obstruction of stream etc  
   390.    Entrance to cellars etc  
   391.    Fighting  
   392.    Offensive behaviour  
   393.    Indecent exposure  
   393A.   Urinating in public place  
   394.    Noise abatement directions  
   395.    Bogus advertisements  
   396.    Public mischief  
   397.    Apprehended violence or injury—recognisance to keep the peace etc  
   398.    Alternative methods of proceeding before magistrate  
   399.    General averment of intent to defraud or injure  


           Division 20.1--Preliminary

   421.    Definitions for pt 20  

           Division 20.2--How to start inquiry

   422.    Grounds for ordering inquiry  
   423.    Executive order for inquiry  
   424.    Supreme Court order for inquiry  
   425.    Rights and duties in relation to orders for inquiry  

           Division 20.3--Inquiry procedure

   426.    Application of Inquiries Act  
   427.    Appointment of board of inquiry  
   428.    Report by board  

           Division 20.4--Supreme Court orders following inquiry report

   429.    Publication of report  
   430.    Action on report by Supreme Court  

           Division 20.5--Application to earlier convictions

   432.    Inquiries about earlier convictions  


   434A.   Application of certain sections of Commonwealth Crimes Act to territory  
   434B.   Joinder of charges  
   434C.   Aggravated offence may allege more than 1 factor of aggravation  
   435.    Protection of persons acting under Act  
   437.    Power of courts to bring detainees before them  
   438.    Witnesses neglecting to attend trial and captured under warrant may be admitted to  
   439.    Offence of criminal defamation  
   440.    Prosecutions for blasphemy  
   441.    Retrospective repeal of limitation period on criminal proceeding for particular sexual  
   441A.   Criminal proceedings not allowed by section 441  
   441B.   Retrospective application of repealed alternative verdict provision for carnal  
   442.    Change of venue  
   442A.   Record of youth offence particulars not to be disclosed in court  
   442D.   Review—pt 3  
   443.    Approved forms  
   444.    Regulation-making power  


           Division 33.1--General

   622.    Definitions—pt 33  
   623.    Transitional regulations  
   624.     Expiry—pt 33  

           Division 33.2--Ending action etc for youth offences

   625.    Application—div 33.2  
   626.    Law enforcement action  
   627.    Criminal procedures, proceedings and sentences  
   628.    Destruction of forensic material etc  
   629.    Release of person from custody  

           Division 33.3--Validity of past criminal justice action

   630.    Meaning of criminal justice action—div 33.3  
   631.    Past lawful acts not affected  
   632.    Protection from liability  
   633.    No entitlement to compensation etc  
           SCHEDULE 1

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