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CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 224

Power to conduct ordinary search of arrested person

    (1)     If a police officer suspects on reasonable grounds that a person who has been arrested is carrying—

        (a)     evidential material in relation to any offence; or

        (b)     a seizable item;

the police officer may conduct an ordinary search of the person at or soon after the time of arrest, and seize any such thing found as a result of the search.

    (2)     The police officer may arrange for another police officer to conduct the ordinary search if, having regard to section 240 (Conduct of ordinary searches and frisk searches), the officer considers that it would be more appropriate for the other officer to conduct the frisk search.

    (3)     The other police officer is authorised—

        (a)     to conduct the ordinary search; and

        (b)     to seize anything mentioned in subsection (1) found as a result of the search.

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