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CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 249

Seizure of forfeited articles

    (1)     A member of the police force may, without warrant, seize any article that is forfeited, or that he or she has reasonable grounds for believing is forfeited, under any law in force in the ACT and take that article before the Magistrates Court.

    (2)     If any article is brought before the court under subsection (1), the court may, subject to the giving of the notice (if any) to the person (if any) that the court directs, order that the article be condemned or delivered to the person that the court is satisfied is entitled to the article.

    (3)     If a prosecution is pending in relation to an article, the court shall not make an order under subsection (2) in relation to the article until the prosecution is determined.

    (4)     All articles condemned under subsection (2) as forfeited shall be transferred to the public trustee and guardian to be dealt with under section 250.

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