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CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 430

Action on report by Supreme Court

    (1)     The Full Court must consider the report of a board into an inquiry.

    (2)     Having regard to the report, the Full Court must, by order—

        (a)     confirm the conviction; or

        (b)     confirm the conviction and recommend that the Executive act under either of the following sections of the Crimes (Sentence Administration) Act 2005

in relation to the convicted person:

              (i)     section 313 (Remission of penalties);

              (ii)     section 314 (Grant of pardons); or

        (c)     quash the conviction; or

        (d)     quash the conviction and order a new trial.

    (3)     The registrar must give a copy of the order, together with any reasons given for the order, to the Attorney-General and the convicted person.

    (4)     This section does not give the convicted person a right to an order of the Full Court mentioned in subsection (2) (b), (c) or (d), or to an Executive pardon or remission.

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