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Combination sentences—offences punishable by imprisonment

    (1)     If the offence is punishable by imprisonment, the court sentencing the offender may impose a sentence (a combination sentence ) consisting of 2 or more of the following orders:

        (a)     an order sentencing the offender to imprisonment as full-time detention;

Note     A sentence of imprisonment must be served by full-time detention at a correctional centre or detention place unless the court otherwise orders, or the offender is released from detention under this Act or another territory law (see s 10 (3) and s 133H).

        (b)     an intensive correction order (but not in combination with a sentence of full-time imprisonment, a suspended sentence of imprisonment or a good behaviour order);

        (c)     a suspended sentence order;

        (d)     a good behaviour order;

Note     A good behaviour order may not be set to start at a time when the offender may be serving full-time detention or be on parole (see s 31 (2)).

        (e)     a fine order;

        (f)     a driver licence disqualification order;

        (g)     a reparation order;

        (h)     a non-association order;

              (i)     a place restriction order;

        (j)     an order (however described) imposing another penalty available under any other territory law.


The following are examples of sentences that might be imposed on an offender by a court who has been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment:

1     a sentence of 18 months as follows:

              •     an order for imprisonment for 1 year with no nonparole period

              •     a fine order directing payment of $500 by stated instalments

              •     a good behaviour order for 6 months (the remainder of the term of the sentence)

              •     a driver licence disqualification order for all of the sentence

2     a sentence of 3 years and 6 months as follows:

              •     an order for 3 years imprisonment with no nonparole period

              •     a good behaviour order for 6 months (the remainder of the term of the sentence) and a concurrent non-association order

    (2)     However, the court must not make an order that forms part of the combination sentence unless the court would have power to make the order otherwise than as part of a combination sentence.

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