Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act  
   3.      Dictionary  
   3A.     Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc  
   4.      Meaning of electoral matter  
   4A.     Meaning of available for public inspection  


           Division 2.1--Establishment and independence of electoral commission

   5.      Establishment  
   6.      Constitution of commission  
   6A.     Officer of the Legislative Assembly  
   6B.     Independence of member of the electoral commission  

           Division 2.2--Functions of electoral commission

   7.      Functions of electoral commission  
   10A.    Special reports by electoral commission  

           Division 2.3--Functions of electoral commissioner

   11.     Functions of commissioner etc  

           Division 2.4--Appointment of members of electoral commission

   12.     Appointment  
   12A.    Acting appointment—commissioner  
   12B.    Eligibility for appointment as electoral commission member  
   12C.    Eligibility for appointment as chairperson  
   13.     Term of appointment  

           Division 2.5--Other provisions applying to electoral commission members

   14.     Oath or affirmation of office  
   15.     Disclosure of interests—generally  
   16.     Electoral commission member must not do inconsistent work etc  
   17.     Resignation  
   18.     Retirement  
   18A.    Suspension—generally  
   18B.    Suspension—relevant Assembly committee notice and meetings  
   18C.    Suspension—ending suspension  
   18D.    Ending of appointment  
   18E.    Leave of absence  

           Division 2.6--Electoral commission meetings

   19.     Procedure  
   21.     Disclosure of interests—meetings  

           Division 2.7--Staff of electoral commissioner etc

   31.     Commissioner's staff  
   32.     Temporary staff and consultants  
   33.     Officers  
   33A.    Staff not subject to direction from others  
   33B.    Delegation by electoral commission  
   33C.    Delegation by commissioner  


   34.     Multimember electorates  
   35.     Redistribution of electorates  
   36.     Factors relevant to redistribution  
   37.     Timing of redistributions  
   38.     Suspension of redistribution process—extraordinary elections  
   39.     Redistribution committees  
   40.     Meetings of redistribution committee  
   41.     Suggestions and comments about redistribution  
   42.     Outline of proposal  
   43.     Proposed redistribution  
   44.     Notification and publication of proposal  
   45.     Dissolution of redistribution committee  
   46.     Objections  
   47.     Augmented electoral commission  
   48.     Meetings of augmented electoral commission  
   49.     Investigation of objections  
   50.     Redistribution—proposal by augmented electoral commission  
   51.     Publication of augmented electoral commission's proposal  
   52.     Objections to augmented electoral commission's proposal  
   53.     Report by augmented electoral commission and public announcement  
   54.     Report to Legislative Assembly  
   55.     Decisions are final  
   56.     Validity not affected  


   57.     Electorate and Territory rolls  
   58.     Contents of roll  
   59.     Meaning of extract from roll  
   60.     Inspection of printed roll extracts  
   61.     Supply of printed roll extracts to MLAs etc  
   62.     Supply of roll extracts in electronic form to MLAs etc  
   63.     Use of roll extracts  
   65.     Provision of roll information to prescribed authorities  
   66.     Maintenance of rolls  
   67.     Power to require information  
   68.     Notice of registered deaths  
   69.     Disclosure of roll information  
   70.     Joint roll arrangements with Commonwealth  


   71.     Persons taken not to be enrolled on Commonwealth roll  
   71A.    Address of person serving sentence of imprisonment  
   72.     Entitlement  
   73.     Compulsory enrolment etc—residents  
   74.     Eligible overseas electors  
   75.     Age 16 enrolment  
   76.     Enrolment etc  
   77.     Suppression of elector's address  
   78.     Inclusion of particulars on roll following suppression  
   79.     Suppression of elector's address pending review  
   80.     Closed rolls  
   81.     Objections to enrolment  
   82.     Record of claims for enrolment  
   83.     Processing enrolment claims  
   84.     Transmission of enrolment claims  
   85.     Production of claims for enrolment before a court  
   86.     Claims for enrolment not subject to warrants  


   87.     Meaning of address—pt 7  
   88.     Register of political parties  
   89.     Application for registration of political party  
   90.     Further information about application for political party  
   91.     Notification and publication of applications  
   91A.    Objections to applications and responses  
   92.     Registration of political parties  
   93.     Refusal of applications for registration  
   94.     Amendment of applications for registration  
   95.     Changes to particulars in register  
   95A.    Objection to continued use of name  
   95B.    When certain action cannot be taken  
   96.     No action under pt 7 during pre-election period  
   96A.    Who can be a registered officer  
   97.     Deputy registered officer  
   97A.    Information about political parties  
   98.     Cancellation of registration of political parties  
   99.     Use of party name after cancellation  
   99A.    General requirements about constitutions of registered parties  


   100.    Ordinary elections  
   101.    Extraordinary elections  
   102.    Polling day  


           Division 9.1--Nominations

   103.    Eligibility—MLAs  
   104.    Qualifications for nomination  
   105.    Candidates to be nominated  
   106.    Multiple nominations invalid  
   107.    Withdrawal etc of consent to nomination  
   108.    Place and hour of nomination  
   109.    Declaration of candidates  
   110.    Rejection of nominations  
   111.    Need for a poll  
   112.    Death of candidate before polling day  
   113.    Deposit—return or forfeiture  

           Division 9.2--Ballot papers

   114.    Ballot papers  
   115.    Grouping of candidates' names  
   116.    Printing of ballot papers  
   117.    Names on ballot papers  
   118.    Draw for positions on ballot papers  

           Division 9.3--Electronic voting devices and vote counting programs

   118A.   Approval of computer program for electronic voting and vote counting  
   118B.   Security of electronic voting devices and related material  

           Division 9.4--Miscellaneous

   119.    Polling places and scrutiny centres  
   120.    Administrative arrangements  
   121.    Certified extracts and certified lists of electors  
   121A.   Use of information from certified extracts or certified lists  
   122.    Scrutineers—appointment  
   123.    Scrutineers—conduct  
   124.    Participation by candidates in conduct of election  
   125.    Determining matters by lot  
   126.    Supplementary elections  


           Division 10.1--General

   128.    Entitlement to vote  
   129.    Compulsory voting  
   130.    Multiple votes prohibited  
   131.    Procedures for voting  
   132.    Manner of recording vote  

           Division 10.2--Ordinary voting at a polling place

   133.    Claims to vote  
   134.    Voting in private  

           Division 10.3--Declaration voting at a polling place

   135.    Declaration voting at polling places  

           Division 10.4--Voting otherwise than at a polling place

   136.    Definitions for div 10.4  
   136A.   Applications for postal voting papers  
   136B.   Ordinary or declaration voting in ACT before polling day  
   136C.   Declaration voting outside ACT on or before polling day  
   137.    Record of issue of declaration voting papers  
   138.    Inspection of records  
   139.    Receipt of declaration voting papers  
   140.    Registered declaration voters  
   141.    Issue of voting papers to registered declaration voters  
   142.    Correcting formal errors  
   143.    Soliciting applications for postal declaration votes  
   144.    Transmission of applications for postal declaration votes  
   144A.   Requirements for casting postal votes  
   145.    Interference with declaration voting  
   146.    Soliciting completed declaration votes  
   147.    Transmission of completed declaration votes  
   148.    Opening envelopes containing declaration votes  

           Division 10.5--Mobile polling

   149.    Definitions for div 10.5  
   149A.   Declaration of special hospitals  
   150.    Mobile polling—institutions  
   151.    Functions of visiting officers  
   152.    Failure to visit institution  
   153.    Custody of ballot boxes and electoral papers  

           Division 10.6--Miscellaneous

   154.    Arrangements at polling places  
   155.    Particulars on ballot papers before issue  
   156.    Assistance to voters  
   156A.   Assistance to voters unable to enter polling place  
   157.    Spoilt ballot papers  
   158.    Custody of ballot boxes and electoral papers  
   159.    Extension of time for conducting elections  
   160.    Suspension and adjournment of polling  

           Division 10.7--Failure to vote

   161.    Default notice  
   162.    First notice  
   163.    Second notice  
   164.    Final notice  
   165.    Discharge of liability  
   166.    Response on behalf of elector  


   167.    Definitions for pt 11  
   167A.   Declaration of ship as a station  
   167B.   Approval of ways of transmission  
   168.    Returning officers and assistants for Antarctic stations  
   170.    Application of Act to polling in Antarctica  
   171.    Antarctic electors  
   172.    Arrangements for the polling in Antarctica  
   173.    Conduct of the polling  
   174.    Claims to vote  
   175.    Proceedings at close of poll  
   176.    Result of polling in Antarctica  
   177.    Preservation of documents  


   178.    Scrutiny  
   179.    Preliminary scrutiny of declaration voting papers etc  
   180.    Formality of ballot papers  
   181.    Death of candidate  
   182.    First count—ordinary ballot papers  
   183.    First count—declaration ballot papers  
   183A.   First count—electronic ballot papers  
   184.    Second count—first preferences  
   185.    Ascertaining result of poll  
   186.    Objections by scrutineers  
   187.    Recount of ballot papers  
   187A.   Application for recount of ballot papers etc  
   187B.   Review of decision of commissioner to refuse to arrange for  
   187C.   Recount of electronic scrutiny of ballot papers  
   188.    Reservation of disputed ballot papers  
   189.    Declaration of result of election  


   190.    Definitions for pt 13  
   191.    Notice of casual vacancy  
   192.    Candidates for casual vacancy  
   193.    Publication of candidates' details  
   194.    Determination of candidate to fill vacancy  
   195.    Assembly nominees  
   196.    Term of office of MLA declared elected under pt 13  
   197.    Dissolution or pre-election period  


           Division 14.1--Preliminary

   198.    Definitions for pt 14  
   198A.   Reference to things done by party etc  
   198AA.  Meaning of gift—pt 14  
   198B.   Candidate remains candidate after election  
   199.    Related bodies corporate  
   200.    Activities of candidates and prospective candidates  
   201.    Disclosure periods  
   202.    Gifts—determination of amounts  
   202A.   When person or entity incurs electoral expenditure—pt  

           Division 14.2--Reporting agents

   203.    Appointed agents  
   204.    Non-appointed agents  
   205.    Registers of reporting agents  

           Division 14.2B--Limitations on electoral expenditure

   205D.   Meaning of expenditure cap—div 14.2B  
   205E.   Working out indexation for expenditure cap  
   205F.   Limit on electoral expenditure—party groupings  
   205G.   Limit on electoral expenditure—MLAs, associated entities, candidates and  

           Division 14.2C--Limit on spending—payments from related party

   205K.   Limit on spending—payments from related party  

           Division 14.3--Election funding

   206.    Who eligible votes are cast for  
   207.    Entitlement to funds  
   208.    Threshold  
   212.    Making of payments  
   214.    Death of candidate  
   215.    Application voluntary  

           Division 14.3A--Administrative expenditure funding

   215A.   Period between polling day and declaration of poll  
   215B.   Eligibility of party for payment for  
   215C.   Payment to eligible parties for administrative expenditure  
   215D.   Eligibility of non-party  
   215E.   Payment to non-party MLAs for administrative expenditure  
   215F.   Working out indexation for administrative expenditure  
   215G.   Payments for administrative expenditure not to be used for electoral  

           Division 14.4--Gifts and certain loans—records and disclosure

   215H.   Application—div 14.4  
   216.    Definitions—div 14.4  
   216A.   Records and regular disclosure of gifts  
   217.    Disclosure of gifts by non-party candidates  
   218A.   Certain loans not to be received  
   219.    Nil returns  
   220.    Disclosure of gifts by third-party campaigners  
   222.    Restrictions on acceptance of gifts  

           Division 14.5--Disclosure of electoral expenditure

   223.    Definitions for div 14.5  
   224.    Returns of electoral expenditure  
   225.    Nil returns  
   226.    Returns by broadcasters and publishers  
   227.    Multiple elections on same day  

           Division 14.6--Annual returns

   228.    Meaning of defined particulars for div 14.6  
   230.    Annual returns by parties and MLAs  
   231.    Periods of less than financial year  
   231B.   Annual returns by associated entities  
   232.    Amounts received  
   234.    Outstanding amounts  
   234A.   Regulations  

           Division 14.7--Compliance

   235.    Definitions for div 14.7  
   236.    Offences  
   237.    Investigation notices generally  
   237A.   Investigation notices about associated entities  
   237B.   Investigation notice offences  
   238.    Investigation—search warrants  
   239.    Records  

           Division 14.8--Miscellaneous

   240.    Inability to complete returns  
   241.    Noncompliance with pt 14  
   242.    Amendment of returns  
   243.    Copies of returns to be available for public inspection  
   243A.   Commissioner must publish certain information given under s 216A  


   244.    Meaning of internal review notice—Act  
   245.    Definitions—pt 15  
   246.    Internal review notices  
   247.    Applications for internal review  
   248.    Stay of reviewable decisions  
   249.    Review by electoral commission  
   249A.   Reviewable decision notices  
   249B.   Applications for review  


           Division 16.1--Preliminary

   250.    Definitions for pt 16  
   251.    Meaning of Speaker for pt 16  

           Division 16.2--Jurisdiction and powers of Supreme Court

   252.    Court of Disputed Elections  
   253.    Powers of the court  
   255.    Decisions are final  

           Division 16.3--Disputed elections

   256.    Validity may be disputed after election  
   257.    Persons entitled to dispute elections  
   258.    Form of application  
   259.    Time for filing application  
   260.    Deposit as security for costs  
   261.    Registrar to serve copies of application on certain persons  
   262.    Parties to application under div 16.3  
   263.    Withdrawal and abatement of application  
   264.    Hearing of applications  
   265.    Declarations and orders  
   266.    Illegal practices  
   267.    Bribery or undue influence by person elected  
   268.    Immaterial delays and errors  
   269.    Inquiries by court  
   270.    Rejected ballot papers  
   271.    Evidence that persons were not permitted to vote  
   272.    Inspection of electoral papers  
   273.    Commissioner not prevented from accessing documents  
   274.    Registrar to serve copies of declarations on certain persons  
   275.    Effect of declarations  

           Division 16.4--Eligibility and vacancies

   276.    Speaker to state case  
   277.    Parties to a referral  
   278.    Declarations and orders  
   279.    Registrar to serve copy of declarations on Speaker  
   280.    Effect of declarations  

           Division 16.5--Proceedings

   281.    Procedure  
   282.    Legal representation limited  
   283.    Admissibility of evidence  
   284.    Costs may be ordered against Territory  


           Division 17.1--Bribery and improper influence

   285.    Bribery  
   286.    Influencing of votes by officers  
   287.    Influencing votes of hospital and nursing home patients  

           Division 17.2--Protection of rights

   288.    Violence and intimidation  
   289.    Discrimination on grounds of certain gifts  
   290.    Employees' right to leave of absence for voting  

           Division 17.3--Campaigning offences

   291.    Definitions for div 17.3  
   292.    Dissemination of unauthorised electoral matter  
   293.    Exceptions for news publications  
   293A.   Exception for personal views on social media  
   294.    Exceptions for dissemination of electoral matter on certain items  
   295.    Exception for certain Commonwealth licence holders  
   296.    Advertorials  
   297.    Misleading or deceptive electoral matter  
   298.    Inducement to illegal voting—representations of ballot papers  
   299.    Graffiti  
   300.    Defamation of candidates  
   301.    Publication of statements about candidates  
   302.    Disruption of election meetings  
   303.    Canvassing within 100m of polling places  
   304.    Badges and emblems in polling places  
   305.    How-to-vote material in polling places  
   306.    Evidence of authorisation of electoral matter  

           Division 17.4--Electronic voting offences

   306A.   Interfering with electronic voting devices etc  
   306B.   Interfering with electronic counting devices etc  

           Division 17.5--Voting fraud

   307.    Voting fraud  

           Division 17.6--Electoral papers

   310.    Electoral papers—forfeiture  
   311.    Electoral papers—unauthorised possession  
   313.    Electoral papers—defacement etc  
   314.    Electoral papers—signatures  
   315.    Electoral papers—witnesses  
   315A.   Ballot papers—photographs  

           Division 17.7--Official functions

   316.    Improper influence—members of electoral commission etc  
   317.    Unauthorised actions by officers  
   318.    Identification of voters and votes  
   319.    Responses to official questions  
   320.    Control of behaviour at voting centres  


           Division 18.1--Injunctions

   321.    Restraining conduct  
   322.    Requiring things to be done  
   323.    Commissioner not required to give undertakings as to damages  
   324.    Powers of the court  

           Division 18.2--Prosecutions

   325.    Investigation of complaints  
   326.    Commissioner may prosecute enrolment and voting offences  
   327.    Service of certain process by mail  


   328.    Extension of time for acts by officers  
   329.    Restrictions on sending completed ballot and voting papers by fax  
   330.    Forms—provision and assistance  
   332.    Correcting delays, errors and omissions  
   333.    Voting statistics to be published  
   334.    Collecting further statistical information  
   335.    Storage and destruction of electoral papers  
   336.    Administrative arrangements with Commonwealth and States  
   337.    Evidentiary certificates  
   338.    Acts and omissions of representatives  
   339.    Assistance for Speaker  
   340.    Head of service to provide assistance etc  
   340A.   Approved forms  
   340B.   Determination of fees  
   341.    Regulation-making power  
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