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Leading questions

    (1)     A leading question must not be put to a witness in examination-in-chief or in re-examination unless—

        (a)     the court gives leave; or

        (b)     the question relates to a matter introductory to the witness's evidence; or

        (c)     no objection is made to the question and (leaving aside the party conducting the examination-in-chief or re-examination) each other party to the proceeding is represented by an Australian legal practitioner, legal counsel or prosecutor; or

        (d)     the question relates to a matter that is not in dispute; or

        (e)     if the witness has specialised knowledge based on the witness's training, study or experience—the question is asked for the purpose of obtaining the witness's opinion about a hypothetical statement of facts about which evidence has been, or is intended to be, given.

    (2)     Unless the court otherwise directs, subsection (1) does not apply in a civil proceeding to a question that relates to an investigation, inspection or report that the witness made in the course of carrying out public or official duties.

    (3)     Subsection (1) does not prevent the court from exercising power under rules of court to allow a written statement or report to be tendered or treated as evidence-in-chief of its maker.

Note     Leading question —see the dictionary.

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