Australian Capital Territory Current Acts

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   1.      Name of Act  
   3.      Dictionary  
   4.      Notes  
   5.      Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc  


   6.      Eligibility of individuals  
   7.      Eligibility of corporations  
   8.      Meaning of influential person  
   9.      Proper completion—applications under Act  


           Division 2A--.1 Preliminary

   10.     Definitions—pt 2A  

           Division 2A--.2 Voluntary surrenders

   10A.    Definitions—div 2A.2  
   10B.    Notifying authorisations for surrender during voluntary surrender  
   10C.    Voluntary surrender agreement  
   10D.    Surrender of authorisations and authorisation certificates on voluntary surrender  
   10E.    Trading of authorisations to replace surrendered authorisations  
   10F.    Offence—operating gaming machine if authorisation surrendered  
   10G.    No applications for, or transfers of, authorisation certificates etc for certain  
   10H.    Offsets  

           Division 2A--.3 Compulsory surrenders

   10I.    Definitions—div 2A.3  
   10J.    Determination for surrenders  
   10K.    Guidelines for determination  
   10L.    Licensee must give notice of gaming machines to be surrendered  
   10M.    Surrender of authorisations for gaming machines  
   10N.    Extension of term for storage permit for interim purpose  
   10O.    Offence—failure to dispose of gaming machines where authorisation surrendered under s  
   10P.    Application to transfers of authorisation certificates under s 37E  

           Division 2A--.4 Miscellaneous

   10Q.    Meaning of compulsory surrender period—div 2A.4  
   10R.    No transfer of authorisation certificates under s 37E  
   10S.    Disposal of gaming machine to be surrendered—notifiable action for s  
   10T.     Suspension of trading during compulsory surrender period  

           Division 2A--.5 Expiry—pt 2A

   10U.    Expiry—pt 2A  


           Division 2B--.1 Definitions and important concepts

   11.     Definitions—pt 2B  
   12.     Meaning of social impact assessment  
   13.     Social impact assessment—publication  
   14.     Applications to be dealt with in order of receipt etc  

           Division 2B--.2 Class C licences—application and issue

   15.     Licence for class C gaming machines—application  
   16.     Class C licence application—contents  
   17.     Class C licence—decision on application  
   18.     Class C licence application—grounds for refusal  
   19.     Class C licence—conditions  
   20.     Class C licence—form  

           Division 2B--.3 Authorisation certificates for class C gaming machines—application and issue

   21.     Authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—application  
   22.     Authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—contents of  
   23.     Authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—decision on  
   24.     Authorisation certificate application for class C gaming machines—grounds for  
   25.     Issue of authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—number of gaming  
   26.     Authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—conditions  
   27.     Authorisation certificate for class C gaming machines—form  

           Division 2B--.4 Licences and authorisation certificates—class B gaming machines

   28.     Licence and authorisation certificate for class B gaming machines—restricted  
   29.     Class B licence and authorisation certificate—decision on  
   30.     Class B licence and authorisation certificate—conditions and  

           Division 2B--.5 Licences and authorisation certificates—amendments

   31.     Licence amendment—application  
   32.     Licence amendment decision—minor amendment  
   33.     Authorisation certificate amendment—application  
   34.     Authorisation certificate amendment—contents of application  
   35.     Authorisation certificate amendment decision—gaming area amendment  
   36.     Authorisation certificate amendment decision—premises relocation  
   37.     Authorisation certificate amendment decision—increase maximum  
   37B.    Authorisation certificate amendment—technical amendment  
   37C.    Amendment of licence, authorisation certificate etc—commission's own  
   37D.    Re-issue of amended licence, authorisation certificate etc  

           Division 2B--.6 Transfer and surrender of licences and authorisation certificates

   37E.    Transferring an authorisation certificate  
   37F.    Surrender of licences, authorisation certificates and authorisations  
   37G.    Offence—failure to dispose of gaming machines  


           Division 2C--.1 Preliminary

   38.     Object—pt 2C  
   38A.    Definitions for Act  

           Division 2C--.2 In-principle authorisation certificate—application

   38B.    In-principle authorisation certificate—application  
   38C.    In-principle authorisation certificate application—contents  

           Division 2C--.3 In-principle authorisation certificate—issue

   38D.    In-principle authorisation certificate—decision on application  
   38E.    In-principle authorisation certificate—form  
   38F.    In-principle authorisation certificate—conditions  
   38G.    In-principle authorisation certificate—term  

           Division 2C--.4 In-principle authorisation certificate—transfer

   38H.    In-principle authorisation certificate—application to transfer  
   38I.    In-principle authorisation certificate—transfer decision  
   38J.    In-principle authorisation certificate—application for extension  
   38K.    In-principle authorisation certificate—extension decision  
   38L.    In-principle authorisation certificate—surrender  

           Division 2C--.5 In-principle authorisation certificates—conversion

   38M.    Conversion of in-principle authorisation certificate to authorisation  
   38N.    Conversion of in-principle authorisation certificate to authorisation  
   38O.    Consequences of conversion—other in-principle authorisation certificates for the land  


           Division 3.1--Compliance with licence conditions

   39.     Offence—failure to comply with condition  

           Division 3.2--General licence and authorisation certificate conditions

   39A.    Compliance with requirements for issue of licence and authorisation  
   40.     Compliance with directions  
   41.     Licence and authorisation certificate to be kept at premises  
   42.     Licence and authorisation certificate to be available on request  
   42A.    Assistance with reviews  
   43.     Rules and control procedures for operation of gaming machines and peripheral  
   44.     Installation in accordance with Act  
   45.     Installation certificate  
   46.     Operation after installation  
   47.     Operation subject to correct percentage payout  
   48.     Approved statement to be displayed  
   49.     Maximum stake amount  
   50.     Licensee to comply with relevant codes of practice  
   52.     Accounts relating to gaming machines  

           Division 3.3--Club licence conditions

   52A.    Application of Casino (Electronic Gaming) Act 2017 to gaming machines operated near  
   53.     Conditions about inequitable benefits  
   53A.    Condition about club's constitution—consistency with gaming  
   53B.    Condition about club's constitution—amendment if inconsistent with gaming  
   54.     Annual report of clubs  
   54A.    Conditions about guests and temporary membership  
   55.     Other conditions of club licences  


   55A.    Meaning of GM undertaking—pt 3A  
   55B.    Commission may accept undertakings  
   55C.    Notice of decision and reasons for decision  
   55D.    When a GM undertaking is enforceable  
   55E.    Compliance with GM undertaking  
   55F.    Contravention of GM undertaking  
   55G.    Withdrawal or variation of GM undertaking  
   55H.    Proceeding for contravention or alleged contravention  


   56.     Definitions—pt 4  
   57.     Grounds for disciplinary action  
   58.     Disciplinary action  
   59.     Relevant matters for decisions on disciplinary action and penalties  
   60.     When disciplinary notice may be given  
   61.     Disciplinary notices  
   62.     Commission may take disciplinary action against licensee  
   62A.    Disciplinary action in relation to trading authorisations and gaming  
   63.     Suspension of licence and authorisation certificate because of suspension of general and on  
   64.     Cancellation of authorisation certificate because of cancellation etc of general and on  
   65.     Return of licence and authorisation certificate on cancellation  
   65A.    Cancellation of licences and authorisation certificates—disposal of gaming  


   66.     Meaning of centralised monitoring system  
   67.     Regulations about CMS  


           Division 6.1--Approval of gaming machines and peripheral equipment

   68.     Meaning of peripheral equipment  
   69.     Approval of gaming machines and peripheral equipment  
   70.     Cancellation or suspension of gaming machine and peripheral equipment  
   71.     Computer cabinet access register  

           Division 6.2--Approved suppliers

   72.     Application and approval as supplier  
   73.     Giving copy of certificate about approved supplier  
   73A.    Cancellation etc of supplier's approval  

           Division 6.3--Approved technicians

   74.     Application for approval as technician  
   75.     Approval of technicians  
   76.     Short-term approval of technicians  
   77.     Ending short-term approvals  
   78.     Transfer etc of technician's approval  
   79.     Cancellation etc of technician's approval  
   80.     Certificates and identity cards for approved technicians  
   81.     Giving copy of certificate about approved technician or identity  
   82.     Notice by supplier if technician no longer employed  
   83.     Return of approval certificates and identity cards for approved  
   84.     Renewal of technician's approval  


           Division 6A--.1 Gaming machine dealings

   97.     Control procedures  
   98.     Acquisition of gaming machines and peripheral equipment—general  
   99.     Acquisition of authorisations and gaming machines—notification  
   100.    Acquisition of gaming machines—amendment of authorisation schedule  
   103.    Possession and operation of gaming machines  
   104.    Offence—operating unauthorised or stored gaming machines  
   105.    Operation of gaming machines other than in accordance with  

           Division 6A--.2 Repossession of gaming machines

   105A.   Definitions—div 6A.2  
   106.    Offences by people repossessing gaming machines  
   107.    Approval for repossession—application  
   108.    Approval of repossession of gaming machines  
   109.    Conditions on approval to repossess gaming machine  
   109A.   Repossessed gaming machines—amendment of authorisation schedule  
   110.    Contravention of repossession approval conditions  
   110A.   Appointment of external administrator  

           Division 6A--.3 Disposal of gaming machines

   111.    Unapproved disposal of gaming machines  
   112.    Application for approval for disposal of gaming machines  
   113.    Approval of disposal of gaming machines  
   113A.   Disposal of gaming machines—notifiable action  
   113B.   Destruction of gaming machines—commission's attendance  
   113C.   Disposal of gaming machines—direction about manner of disposal  
   113D.   Offence—failure to dispose of gaming machine within required time  

           Division 6A--.4 Seizure of gaming machines

   114.    Seizure of unlawful gaming machines  
   115.    Receipt for gaming machines seized  
   116.    Application for order disallowing seizure  
   117.    Order for return of seized gaming machine  
   118.    Adjournment pending hearing of other proceedings  
   119.    Forfeiture of seized gaming machines  

           Division 6A--.5 Installation and operation of gaming machines

   120.    Installation to be in accordance with approval of commission  
   121.    Offence to install gaming machines  
   122.    Certificate about meter readings  
   123.    Sealing computer cabinet  
   124.    Commission may require information  
   125.    Operation to be subject to correct percentage payout  
   126.    Approval of statement for display on gaming machines  
   127.    Maximum stake amount  

           Division 6A--.6 Trading of authorisations and gaming machines

              Subdivision 6A--.6.1 Preliminary

   127A.   Objects—div 6A.6  
   127B.   Definitions—div 6A.6  

              Subdivision 6A--.6.2 Trading class B authorisations

   127C.   Selling class B authorisations  
   127D.   Offence—selling class B gaming machines  

              Subdivision 6A--.6.3 Trading class C authorisations and gaming machines

   127E.   Trading class C authorisations and gaming machines  
   127F.   Trading authorisations—forfeiture requirement  
   127G.   Offence—acquiring authorisations and gaming machines  
   127H.   Selling class C gaming machines  
   127I.   Selling class C authorisations  

              Subdivision 6A--.6.4 Trading authorisations and gaming

   127J.   Trading authorisations—disposal of gaming machines  
   127K.   Trading authorisations and gaming machines—regulations  

           Division 6A--.7 Storage of authorisations and gaming machines

              Subdivision 6A--.7.1 Interpretation

   127L.   Meaning of storage permit—Act  
   127M.   Definitions—div 6A.7  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.2 Storage permits—application and decision

   127N.   Storage permits—purpose  
   127O.   Storage permit—application  
   127P.   Storage permit—decision on application  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.4 Storage permits—form

   127S.   Storage permit—form  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.5 Storage permits—conditions

   127T.   Storage permit—conditions  
   127U.   Storage permit—term  
   127V.   Storage permit—application for extension  
   127W.   Storage permit—extension decision  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.6 Storage permits—amendment

   127X.   Storage permit amendment—notification  
   127Y.   Storage permit amendment—decision  
   127Z.   Storage permit amendment—commission's own initiative  
   127ZA.  Storage permit amendment—reissue of storage permit  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.7 Storage permits—trading authorisations under

   127ZB.  Trading authorisations under storage permits—procedure  
   127ZC.  Trading authorisations under storage permits—decision on application by disposing  

              Subdivision 6A--.7.8 Storage permits—miscellaneous

   127ZE.  Gaming machines and authorisations under storage  
   127ZF.  Storage of gaming machines and authorisations—rules  


   128.    Machine access generally  
   129.    Interference with gaming machines  
   130.    Opening computer cabinets  
   131.    Rendering gaming machines inoperable on authorisation certificate ceasing to be in  
   132.    Removal of gaming machines from premises  


   133.    Operation of linked-jackpot arrangements  
   134.    Single-user approval for linked-jackpot arrangements  
   135.    Issue of multi-user permits  
   136.    Conditions on multi-user permits  
   137.    Term of multi-user permits  
   138.    Amendment of multi-user permits in interest of users  
   139.    Amendment of multi-user permit on request  
   140.    Amendment of financial and operational aspects of multi-user permits  
   141.    Transfer of multi-user permits  
   142.    Surrender of multi-user permits  
   143.    Unclaimed jackpots  
   144.    Undisbursed jackpots  


   144A.   Definitions—pt 9  
   145.    Eligible objects  
   146.    Eligible clubs  
   147.    Associated organisations—declaration  
   147A.   Associated organisation declaration—condition  
   147B.   Associated organisation—warning notice  
   147C.   Associated organisation declaration—suspension or repeal  
   147D.   Club elections—election of board directors  
   148.    Club elections—record-keeping  
   148A.   Club directors—acting in good faith  
   148B.   Club constitution—consistency with gaming laws  
   149.    Power to require information about status of eligible clubs  
   150.    Disclosure of gifts by executive officer  


   151.    Warning notices  
   152.    External signs  
   152A.   External visibility of gaming machines  
   153.    Cash facilities  
   153A.   Offence—ATM allowing withdrawals exceeding $250  
   154.    Lending or extending credit  
   155.    Children must not enter gaming area  
   156.    Children must not play gaming machines  
   157.    Using false identification  


           Division 11.1--General

   157A.   Definitions—pt 11  
   157B.   Meaning of club group etc—pt 11  
   157C.   Determination that licensee not part of club group  
   157D.   Notice of change to club group status  
   158.    Audit of financial statements etc  
   159.    Gaming machine tax  
   161.    Payment of gaming machine tax  
   161A.   Payment of gaming machine tax or payment to diversification and sustainability support  
   162.    Gaming machine tax returns  
   162A.   Gaming machine tax rebate—financial year  
   162B.   Gaming machine tax rebate—part financial year  
   162C.   Gaming machine tax rebate—claim  
   162D.   Annual adjustment of gaming machine tax—GMT rebate  
   163.    Payment of gaming machine tax following transfer  

           Division 11.2--Gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund

   163A.   Required payment to gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund  
   163AA.  Gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund—annual payment  
   163B.   Gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund  
   163C.   Payment from gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund—required payments and  
   163D.   Payment from gambling harm prevention and mitigation fund—minimum community  

           Division 11.3--Diversification and sustainability support fund

              Subdivision 11.3.1--Preliminary

   163E.   Definitions—div 11.3  
   163F.   Diversification and sustainability support fund  
   163G.   Reporting  

              Subdivision 11.3.2--Payments to and from diversification and sustainability support

   163H.   Payments to diversification and sustainability support fund  
   163I.   Payments out of diversification and sustainability support fund  
   163J.   Guidelines for applications for payments out of diversification and sustainability support  

              Subdivision 11.3.3--Advisory board for diversification and sustainability support

   163K.   Establishment of advisory board  
   163L.   Functions of advisory board  
   163M.   Membership of advisory board  
   163N.   Advisory board—making and ending appointments  
   163O.   Agenda to require disclosure of interest item  
   163P.   Disclosure of interests by members of advisory board  
   163Q.   Proceedings of advisory board  
   163R.   Protection of members of advisory board from liability  


   164.    Definitions—pt 12  
   165.    Meaning of community etc—pt 12  
   166.    Meaning of community purpose etc—pt 12  
   167.    Minimum community contribution—clubs  
   168.    Minimum community contribution—licensees other than clubs  
   169.    Payment of community contributions for a tax period  
   170.    Licensee must engage with community—clubs  
   171.    Community purpose contributions—record keeping by clubs  
   172.    Community purpose contributions—reporting by clubs  
   172A.   Community contributions—commission must publish summary  
   172B.   Community contribution shortfall tax  


   173.    Meaning of reviewable decision—pt 13  
   173A.   Reviewable decision notices  
   173B.   Applications for review  


   173C.   Meaning of notifiable action  
   173D.   Notifiable actions  
   173E.   Notifiable actions—date of effect  
   173F.   Notifiable actions—amendment or cancellation  
   173G.   Notifiable actions under s 37F  
   173H.   Notifiable actions under div 6A.6—disposal of gaming machines  
   173I.   Notifiable actions under div 6A.6—trading of class B  


   174.    Acts and omissions of representatives  
   174A.   Licences and authorisations etc are not personal property—PPS  
   175.    Canberra Airport  
   176.    Evidentiary certificates  
   177.    Determination of fees  
   178.    Regulation-making power  
   179.    Review of trading scheme  
   179A.   Review of amendments made by Gaming Machine Amendment Act 2017  


   314.    Community contributions—clubs with reporting year beginning before and ending after  
   314A.   Community contributions—clubs with reporting year beginning before 1 July  
   315.    Transitional regulations  
   316.    Expiry—pt 22  
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