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Correction of errors

    (1)     The registrar-general may—

        (a)     on application by the registered proprietor of an interest in land or the registered proprietor's legal practitioner; and

        (b)     subject to any order of the court;

correct an error in the register in accordance with subsection (5).

    (2)     Where the register is found to contain an error that is an accidental slip or omission, the registrar-general shall—

        (a)     subject to any order of the court, correct the register in accordance with subsection (5); or

        (b)     where he or she considers it necessary—

              (i)     notify each person who appears from the register to have an interest in the land to which the error relates, that the registrar-general intends to make a specified correction after a specified date, being a date not less than 14 days after the date of the notice; and

              (ii)     request that person's consent or other comment in relation to the making of the correction.

    (3)     A person notified under subsection (2) (b) may apply, within 14 days of the date of the notice, to the court for an order directing the registrar-general not to make the correction.

    (4)     Where the registrar-general takes action under subsection (2) (b), he or she may, subject to any order of the court, correct the register in accordance with subsection (5) after considering any response provided under subsection (2) (b) (ii).

    (5)     A correction shall—

        (a)     be made in such a manner as to preserve the record and show that a correction has been made and the date on which it was made; and

        (b)     be authorised by the registrar-general.

    (6)     No correction shall be made under this section that would affect rights acquired by an entry in the register in reliance on the uncorrected register.

    (7)     The registrar-general may apply to the court for directions in relation to a possible error in the register.

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