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Form of certificate of title

    (1)     Every certificate of title shall set forth the nature of the estate of freehold or leasehold in respect of which it is issued.

    (2)     The registrar-general shall note thereon in such manner as to preserve their priority the particulars of all unsatisfied mortgages or other encumbrances, and of any other interests to which the land is subject, and if the certificate of title be issued to an infant or to a person otherwise under disability he or she shall state the age of the infant or the nature of the disability so far as known to him or her, and shall cause a certificate of title to be delivered to the proprietor entitled to the land described therein.

Note 1     A fee may be determined under s 139 (Determination of fees, charges and other amounts) for the issue of a certificate of title.

Note 2      If a form is approved under s 140 (Approved forms) for a certificate of title, the form must be used.

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