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Rules about charging accommodation payments

                   The rules for charging * accommodation payment for a residential care service or * eligible flexible care service are as follows:

                     (a)  a person must not be charged an accommodation payment unless:

                              (i)  the person's * means tested amount, at the date the person * enters the service, is equal to or greater than the * maximum accommodation supplement amount for that day; or

                             (ii)  the person has not provided sufficient information to allow the person's means tested amount to be worked out;

                     (b)  an accommodation payment must not be charged for * respite care;

                     (c)  an accommodation payment must not exceed the maximum amount determined by the Minister under section 52G-3, or such higher amount as approved by the * Aged Care Pricing Commissioner under section 52G-4;

                     (d)  accommodation payment must not be charged if it is prohibited under Part 4.4 (see paragraph 66-1(j));

                     (e)  an approved provider must comply with:

                              (i)  the rules set out in this Division; and

                             (ii)  any rules about charging accommodation payments specified in the Fees and Payments Principles.

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