Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Repeal  
   4.      Interpretation  
   4A.     When a State offence has a federal aspect  
   4B.     Examination material and examinee  
   4C.     Resolved  
   5.      Act to bind Crown  
   6.      Extension to external Territories  
   6A.     Application of the Criminal Code  


           Division 1--Establishment and functions of the Australian Crime Commission, the Board and the Inter-Governmental Committee

              Subdivision A--The Australian Crime Commission

   7.      Establishment of the Australian Crime Commission  
   7A.     Functions of the ACC  

              Subdivision B--The Board of the ACC

   7B.     Establishment of the Board  
   7C.     Functions of the Board  
   7D.     Board meetings  
   7E.     Presiding at Board meetings  
   7F.     Quorum at Board meetings  
   7G.     Voting at Board meetings  
   7H.     Conduct of Board meetings  
   7J.     Resolutions outside of Board meetings  
   7K.     Board committees  
   7L.     Recommendations to Inter-Governmental Committee in relation to Board  

              Subdivision C--The Inter-Governmental Committee

   8.      Establishment and constitution of Inter-Governmental Committee  
   9.      Functions of Committee  

           Division 1A--Performance of functions and exercise of powers

   12.     Performance of operations/investigations functions  
   13.     Performance of national policing information functions  
   14.     Performance of functions--general  
   15.     Fees in relation to national policing information functions  
   15A.    National policing information charges  
   16.     Limitation on challenge to Board determination  
   17.     Co-operation with law enforcement agencies and co-ordination with overseas authorities  
   18.     Directions and guidelines to Board  
   19.     Incidental powers of ACC  
   19A.    Examiner may request information from agencies  
   20.     Examiner may require information from agencies in certain cases  
   20A.    Arrangements for an examiner to obtain information etc. from State agencies  
   21.     Arrangements for Board to obtain information or intelligence  
   21A.    Notices to produce a document or thing  
   21B.    Notices--disclosing information about a notice may be prohibited  
   21C.    Notices--offences of disclosure  
   21D.    Notices--legal practitioner not required to disclose privileged communications  
   21E.    Notices--self-incrimination etc.  
   21F.    Notices--allowances for expenses  
   22.     Search warrants  
   23.     Application by telephone for search warrants  
   24.     Order for delivery to examiner of travel documents of witness  
   24AA.   Use of and sharing returnable items  
   24AB.   When returnable items must be returned--general  
   24ABA.  Examiner may direct that returnable items be returned  
   24AC.   Issuing officer may permit a returnable item to be retained, forfeited etc.  

           Division 2--Examinations

   24A.    Examinations  
   25A.    Conduct of examination  
   25B.    Obtaining derivative material  
   25C.    Disclosing examination material to prosecutors of the examinee  
   25D.    Disclosing derivative material to prosecutors of the examinee  
   25E.    Court's powers to order disclosure and to ensure a fair trial  
   25F.    Certain material may always be disclosed to prosecutors of the examinee  
   25G.    Other matters about prosecutors and examinees  
   25H.    Proceeds of crime authorities and examinations  
   26.     Reimbursement of expenses  
   27.     Legal and financial assistance  
   28.     Power to summon witnesses and take evidence  
   29A.    Summonses--disclosing information about a summons may be prohibited  
   29B.    Summonses--offences of disclosure  
   30.     Failure of witnesses to attend and answer questions  
   31.     Warrant for arrest of witness  
   33.     False or misleading evidence  
   34.     Protection of witnesses etc.  
   34A.    Contempt of the ACC  
   34B.    Federal Court or Supreme Court to deal with contempt  
   34C.    Conduct of contempt proceedings  
   34D.    Person in contempt may be detained  
   34E.    Examiner may withdraw contempt application  
   34F.    Relationship with section 12  
   35.     Obstructing or hindering the ACC or an examiner etc.  
   35A.    Double jeopardy  
   36.     Protection of examiners etc.  

           Division 2A--Criminal intelligence assessments

              Subdivision A--Preliminary

   36A.    Definitions  

              Subdivision B--Criminal intelligence assessments

   36B.    Conduct of criminal intelligence assessments  
   36C.    Giving of adverse criminal intelligence assessments to certain Commonwealth agencies  
   36D.    Person to be notified of adverse criminal intelligence assessment  
   36E.    Effect of preliminary advice by the ACC  

              Subdivision C--Review of adverse criminal intelligence assessments

   36F.    Applications to Tribunal  
   36G.    Requirements for applications  
   36H.    Notice of application  
   36J.    Reviews to be conducted by Security Division of Tribunal  
   36K.    Procedure for review  
   36L.    Certain documents and information not to be disclosed in review  
   36M.    Orders for non-publication and non-disclosure  
   36N.    Findings of Tribunal  
   36P.    Restriction on further assessments after review  
   36Q.    Secrecy--criminal intelligence assessment information  
   36R.    Costs  
   36S.    Interaction with AAT Act  

           Division 3--Administrative provisions

              Subdivision A--Chief Executive Officer

   37.     Appointment of CEO  
   38.     Remuneration and allowances of CEO  
   39.     Leave of absence  
   40.     Resignation  
   41.     Disclosure of interests  
   42.     Outside employment  
   43.     Suspension of appointment  
   44.     Termination of appointment  
   45.     Other terms and conditions  
   46.     Acting CEO  
   46A.    CEO to manage ACC etc.  

              Subdivision B--Examiners

   46B.    Appointment of examiners  
   46C.    Remuneration and allowances of examiners  
   46D.    Leave of absence  
   46E.    Resignation  
   46F.    Disclosure of interests  
   46G.    Outside employment  
   46H.    Termination of appointment  
   46J.    Other terms and conditions--general  

              Subdivision C--Staff etc

   47.     Staff  
   47A.    Termination of employment of member of staff for serious misconduct  
   48.     Employment of consultants etc.  
   49.     Staff to be seconded to ACC  
   50.     Counsel assisting ACC  

              Subdivision D--Secrecy

   51.     Secrecy  


   55A.    Operation of State laws  
   55B.    Choice of Commonwealth and State powers  
   55C.    No obligation to perform duties etc.  
   55D.    Transition from NCA to ACC  
   57.     Application of Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act  
   58.     Administrative arrangements with States  
   59.     Providing reports and information to members of Parliament  
   59AA.   Disclosing information to government bodies  
   59AAA.  Disclosure of information from criminal history checks  
   59AB.   Disclosing information to private sector bodies  
   59AC.   Restrictions on disclosing examination material or derivative material  
   59AD.   Publication of reports in relation to offences  
   59A.    Delegation  
   59B.    Liability for damages  
   59C.    National Policing Information Systems and Services Special Account  
   59D.    Credits to the Account  
   59E.    Purposes of the Account  
   60.     Public meetings and bulletins  
   61.     Annual report by the Chair of the Board  
   61AA.   Corporate plans  
   61A.    Review of operation of Act  
   62.     Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1 Prescribed provisions
           SCHEDULE 2 Certain bodies not subject to section 19A

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