Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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CEO to manage ACC etc.

             (1)  The CEO is responsible for the management and administration of the ACC. The CEO is to act in accordance with any policies determined, and any directions given, in writing by the Board.

Special ACC operations/investigations

             (2)  The CEO must also manage, co-ordinate and control special ACC operations/investigations.

          (2A)  As soon as practicable after the Board makes a determination under subsection 7C(2) or (3), the CEO must determine, in writing, the head of the special ACC operation or the special ACC investigation.

          (2B)  Before the CEO determines the head of such an operation or investigation, the CEO must consult the Chair of the Board, and such other members of the Board as the CEO thinks appropriate, in relation to the determination.

             (3)  Subject to such consultation with the examiners as is appropriate and practicable, the CEO may make arrangements as to the examiner who is to be able to exercise his or her powers under this Act in relation to a special ACC operation/investigation.

             (4)  The CEO must, as soon as practicable after 30 June and 31 December each year, notify the Minister in writing of:

                     (a)  each arrangement that the CEO has made with an examiner under subsection (3) during the previous 6 months; and

                     (b)  the nature of the special ACC operation/investigation to which the arrangement relates.

Accredited bodies

             (5)  The CEO may, in writing, approve any of the following as an accredited body for the purposes of receiving nationally coordinated criminal history checks:

                     (a)  a body of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory;

                     (b)  any other body or organisation however described (including bodies or organisations outside Australia).

             (6)  In deciding whether to approve a body or organisation, the CEO must act in accordance with any policy determined, and any direction given, in writing by the Board.

             (7)  An instrument approving a body or organisation as an accredited body is not a legislative instrument.

Criminal intelligence assessments

             (8)  The CEO is responsible for conducting criminal intelligence assessments under Division 2A of Part II.

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