Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   3A.     Certain legislation relating to Australian Capital Territory not to be enactment  
   4.      Act to operate notwithstanding anything in existing laws  
   5.      Applications for review of decisions  
   6.      Applications for review of conduct related to making of decisions  
   7.      Applications in respect of failures to make decisions  
   8.      Jurisdiction of Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court  
   9.      Limitation of jurisdiction of State courts  
   9A.     Limitation of jurisdiction to review related criminal justice process decisions  
   9B.     Limitation of jurisdiction to review related civil proceeding decisions  
   10.     Rights conferred by this Act to be additional to other rights  
   11.     Manner of making applications  
   12.     Application to be made a party to a proceeding  
   13.     Reasons for decision may be obtained  
   13A.    Certain information not required to be disclosed  
   14.     Certification by Attorney-General concerning the disclosure of information  
   15.     Stay of proceedings--Federal Court  
   15A.    Stay of proceedings--Federal Circuit Court  
   16.     Powers of the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court in respect of applications for order of review  
   17.     Change in person holding, or performing the duties of, an office  
   18.     Intervention by Attorney-General  
   18A.    Transfer of proceedings to Family Court  
   19.     Act not to apply in relation to certain decisions  
   19A.    Act to apply in relation to certain Northern Territory laws  
   19B.    Regulations may amend Schedule 3  
   20.     Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1 Classes of decisions that are not decisions to which this Act applies
           SCHEDULE 2 Classes of decisions that are not decisions to which section 13 applies
           SCHEDULE 3 State, ACT and NT Acts, and parts of such Acts, that are enactments for the purposes of this Act

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