Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Biosecurity officer etc. may enter landing places or ports

             (1)  This section applies in relation to the following premises:

                     (a)  a landing place in Australian territory where an aircraft that is subject to biosecurity control has landed or intends to land;

                     (b)  a port in Australian territory where a vessel that is subject to biosecurity control has been moored or intends to be moored.

             (2)  A biosecurity officer or a biosecurity enforcement officer may enter the premises at any time for the purpose of performing functions, or exercising powers, under this Act.

Note 1:       Before entering premises under this subsection, a biosecurity official must be satisfied of the matters referred to in section 32 (the principles).

Note 2:       For the obligations and powers of biosecurity enforcement officers entering premises under this section, see Part 5 of Chapter 9.

             (3)  However, a biosecurity officer is not authorised to enter premises under subsection (2) unless a biosecurity enforcement officer accompanies the biosecurity officer.

             (4)  In this section, premises does not include a conveyance.

Note:          A biosecurity enforcement officer may also enter a landing place or port that is a first point of entry for monitoring and searching purposes (see Division 2 of Part 5 of Chapter 9).

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