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Notice requirements during biosecurity emergencies

Giving notice orally

             (1)  During a biosecurity emergency period, notice or an approval may be given, or a request may be made, under any of the following provisions orally (instead of in writing) to the extent that the notice, approval or request relates to the declaration disease or pest:

                     (a)  subsection 136(2), 210(2), (3) or (5), 342(2) or (3), 343(2), (3) or (5), or 344(3) or (4) (destruction of high-value goods, conveyances or premises);

                     (b)  subsection 133(2), 208(2), 209(2), (4) or (5), 335(2), 336(2) or (4), 337(2), 338(2), (4) or (5), 339(3), 340(2) or (3), or 341(1), (3) or (4) (treatment that may damage goods, conveyances or premises);

                     (c)  subsection 206(3), 241(2), 249(2) (directions relating to aircraft and vessels);

                     (d)  subsection 558(2) or 559(4) (decontamination);

                     (e)  subsection 626(2), subsection 629(1)(c) or 629(2) (dealing with abandoned goods or conveyances).

             (2)  Subsection (3) of this section applies if:

                     (a)  a matter is required to be specified in a notice or request; and

                     (b)  notice is given to a person, or a request is made of a person, orally in accordance with subsection (1).

             (3)  If this subsection applies, then:

                     (a)  instead of the matter being specified in the notice or request, the person must be informed of the matter orally; and

                     (b)  a reference to a matter specified in a notice or request is taken to be a reference to a matter of which the person has been so informed.

             (4)  A written notice, request or approval must be given to a person within 48 hours of an oral notice or approval being given to the person, or an oral request being made of the person, in accordance with subsection (1).

Period during which to agree to treatment

             (5)  A person who is given notice under subsection 134(2), 209(2), 336(2), 338(2) or 340(2) has (despite paragraph 134(4)(b), 209(4)(b), 336(4)(b), 338(4)(b) or 341(1)(b)) 7 days from the day notice was first given (whether orally or in writing) in which to notify the Director of Biosecurity in writing that he or she agrees to the treatment of the goods, conveyance or premises.

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