Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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             (1)  This section sets out the rules relating to consent for the purposes of the following provisions:

                     (a)  paragraph 315(2)(a) (biosecurity risk assessment);

                     (b)  paragraph 361(2)(a) (biosecurity control orders);

                     (c)  paragraph 371(2)(a) (biosecurity response zones);

                     (d)  paragraph 380(2)(a) (permanent biosecurity monitoring zones);

                     (e)  paragraph 390(2)(a) (temporary biosecurity monitoring zones);

                      (f)  paragraph 498(2)(a) (adjacent premises).

             (2)  Before obtaining the consent of an occupier to enter premises for the purposes of the provision, a biosecurity enforcement officer or a biosecurity officer must inform the occupier of the following:

                     (a)  the reasons for entering the premises;

                     (b)  that the occupier may refuse consent.

             (3)  A consent has no effect unless the consent is voluntary.

             (4)  A consent may be expressed to be limited to entry during a particular period. If so, the consent has effect for that period unless the consent is withdrawn before the end of that period.

             (5)  A consent that is not limited as mentioned in subsection (4) has effect until the consent is withdrawn.

             (6)  If a biosecurity enforcement officer or biosecurity officer entered premises because of the consent of the occupier of the premises, the following persons must leave the premises if the consent ceases to have effect:

                     (a)  each biosecurity enforcement officer and biosecurity officer on the premises;

                     (b)  any person assisting a biosecurity enforcement officer or biosecurity officer.

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