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Functions and powers of Director of Biosecurity

             (1)  Subject to this Act, the Director of Biosecurity has the general administration of this Act.

             (2)  The Director of Biosecurity also has the functions and powers conferred on the Director of Biosecurity by this Act or another law of the Commonwealth.

             (3)  The Director of Biosecurity may do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of his or her functions or the exercise of his or her powers.

             (4)  In performing functions or exercising powers under this Act, the Director of Biosecurity:

                     (a)  must have regard to the objects of this Act; and

                     (b)  must comply with:

                              (i)  any general directions given by the Agriculture Minister under section 543; and

                             (ii)  any direction given by the Agriculture Minister under section 168 to commence a BIRA in relation to particular goods.

Note:          The Director of Biosecurity must apply the ALOP for Australia in conducting a BIRA in relation to particular goods (see subsection 167(2)) or a risk assessment for the purpose of deciding whether particular goods, or a particular class of goods, can be brought or imported into Australian territory and, if so, whether this should be subject to conditions (see subsections 173(4), 174(3), 179(3) and 182(4)).

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