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Time when a television program is broadcast--certain terrestrial licence areas


          (1A)  This section affects the operation of the following (the affected provisions ) in relation to a commercial television broadcasting licence for the Remote Central and Eastern Australia TV1 licence area or the Remote Central and Eastern Australia TV2 licence area:

                     (a)  this Act;

                     (b)  any program standards;

                     (c)  any other instrument under this Act;

                     (d)  any codes of practice registered under section 123.

Nomination of places for services under licence

             (1)  The licensee of the licence may nominate one or more specified places in the licence area for one or more specified broadcasting services provided under the licence in specified parts of the licence area.

Note:          A nomination may specify one place for all parts of the licence area.

             (2)  The nomination must be expressed to be a nomination under subsection (1).

Withdrawal of nomination

             (3)  If a nomination is in force under subsection (1), the licensee may, by written notice given to the ACMA, withdraw the nomination.

             (4)  The withdrawal of a nomination does not prevent the licensee from making a fresh nomination under subsection (1).

Time when a program is broadcast

             (5)  The affected provisions have effect, in relation to any programs broadcast in a part of the licence area on a service for which part and service a place is nominated under subsection (1), as if the programs had been broadcast in that part on that service at the legal time they were broadcast in that place on that service.

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