Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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ACMA may vary conditions or periods, or impose new conditions

             (1)  The ACMA may, by notice in writing given to a temporary community broadcasting licensee:

                     (a)  vary or revoke a condition of the licence (including a timing condition); or

                     (b)  impose an additional condition on the licence; or

                     (c)  vary the licence period.

             (2)  Without limiting subsection (1), the ACMA may impose an additional condition on a licence:

                     (a)  requiring the licensee to comply with a code of practice that is applicable to the licensee; or

                     (b)  designed to ensure that a breach of a condition by the licensee does not recur.

             (3)  An additional condition of a licence must be relevant to community broadcasting services.

             (4)  If the ACMA proposes to vary or revoke a condition, impose an additional condition or vary the licence period, the ACMA is to give to the licensee:

                     (a)  written notice of its intention; and

                     (b)  a reasonable opportunity to make representations to the ACMA in relation to the proposed action.

             (5)  This section does not allow the ACMA:

                     (a)  to vary or revoke a condition set out in Part 5 of Schedule 2; or

                     (b)  to vary or revoke a timing condition so that there are no times in which the licence allows community broadcasting services to be provided; or

                     (c)  to vary the licence period so that the period is longer than 12 months.

             (6)  If the ACMA varies or revokes a condition (other than a timing condition), imposes an additional condition or varies the licence period, the ACMA is to publish the fact of the variation, revocation or additional condition in the Gazette .

             (7)  Action taken under subsection (1) must not be inconsistent with:

                     (a)  determinations and clarifications under section 19; or

                     (b)  conditions set out in Part 5 (other than paragraph 9(1)(h)) of Schedule 2.

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