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Remuneration notices

  (1)   A remuneration notice is a written notice:

  (a)   that the body administering an educational institution gives to a collecting society; and

  (b)   by which the body undertakes:

  (i)   to pay to the society equitable remuneration for licensed copying or communicating; and

  (ii)   to give to the society reasonable assistance to enable the society to collect and distribute that equitable remuneration.

Note:   For equitable remuneration, see section   113R.

  (2)   Copying or communicating mentioned in subsection   113P(1) or (2) is licensed copying or communicating if the copying or communicating does not infringe copyright only because of section   113P.

  (3)   A remuneration notice that a body gives to a collecting society under this section applies to:

  (a)   an educational institution that the body administers; and

  (b)   copyright material for which the society is the collecting society.

Note:   See paragraph   113V(4)(a).

  (4)   However, the notice does not apply to a work to which paragraph   113P(1)(b) applies if the society is not the works collecting society for the eligible rights holder who owns the copyright in the work.

Note:   See paragraph   113V(4)(b).

When remuneration notice is in force

  (5)   A remuneration notice given under this section:

  (a)   comes into force on:

  (i)   the day on which the notice is given to the relevant collecting society; or

  (ii)   a later day specified in the notice; and

  (b)   remains in force until it is revoked.

  (6)   The body administering an educational institution may, at any time, revoke a remuneration notice the body gave to a collecting society under this section. The body revokes the remuneration notice by giving notice in writing to the society. The revocation takes effect:

  (a)   at the end of the period of 3 months starting on the day the notice of revocation is given to the society; or

  (b)   on a later day specified in the notice of revocation.

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