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Powers of collecting society to carry out sampling

  (1)   This section applies if the method of working out equitable remuneration payable under subsection   183A(2) for government copies made for the services of a government has been agreed on by the government and the relevant collecting society or has been determined by the Tribunal.

  (2)   The collecting society may give written notice to the government that the society wishes to carry out sampling in accordance with the method during a specified period at specified premises occupied by the government. The period specified must not start earlier than 7 days after the day on which the notice is given.

  (3)   The government may give the collecting society a written objection, based on reasonable grounds, to the proposal to carry out sampling during the period, or at the premises, specified in the notice. However, if it does so, the notice of objection must propose an alternative period during which, or alternative premises at which, as the case may be, sampling may be carried out.

  (4)   If the government gives the collecting society an objection, sampling may not be carried out during the period, or at the premises, to which the objection relates unless the objection is withdrawn.

  (5)   If the government has not objected, or has withdrawn any objection it made, before or during the specified period, a person authorised in writing by the society may, during that period, enter the premises specified in the notice and carry out sampling in accordance with the method on any ordinary working day for government staff who work in the premises.

  (6)   The government must take reasonable steps to ensure that the person who attends at the premises is given all reasonable and necessary facilities and assistance for carrying out the sampling.

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