Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Prospective ownership of copyright

  (1)   Where, by an agreement made in relation to a future copyright and signed by or on behalf of the person who would, apart from this section, be the owner of the copyright on its coming into existence, that person purports to assign the future copyright (wholly or partially) to another person (in this subsection referred to as the assignee ), then if, on the coming into existence of the copyright, the assignee or a person claiming under him or her would, apart from this subsection, be entitled as against all other persons to have the copyright vested in him or her (wholly or partially, as the case may be), the copyright, on its coming into existence, vests in the assignee or his or her successor in title by force of this subsection.

  (2)   Where, at the time when a copyright comes into existence, the person who, if he or she were then living, would be entitled to the copyright is dead, the copyright devolves as if it had subsisted immediately before his or her death and he or she had then been the owner of the copyright.

  (3)   A licence granted in respect of a future copyright by the prospective owner of the copyright binds every successor in title to the prospective interest in the copyright of the grantor of the licence to the same extent as the licence was binding on the grantor.

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