Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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References to old corporations legislation in instruments

             (1)  Subject to subsection (2), a reference in, or taken immediately before the commencement to be in, an instrument, other than:

                     (a)  an Act of a State, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory or Norfolk Island; or

                     (b)  an instrument made under such an Act;


                     (c)  an Act, or to regulations or some other instrument, that is part of the old corporations legislation (whether the reference is in general terms or in relation to a particular State or Territory in this jurisdiction); or

                     (d)  to a provision or group of provisions of such an Act, regulations or other instrument;

is taken, after the commencement, to include a reference to the corresponding part, provision or provisions of the new corporations legislation (unless there is no such corresponding part, provision or provisions).

Note:          This section will, for example, apply to:

(a)    a reference in another Commonwealth Act to the Corporations Law; or

(b)    a reference in the Corporations Regulations to the Corporations Law; or

(c)    a reference in a company's constitution to a particular provision of the Corporations Law.

             (2)  The regulations may do either or both of the following:

                     (a)  provide that subsection (1) does not apply in relation to prescribed references in prescribed instruments;

                     (b)  provide that subsection (1) has effect in relation to prescribed references in prescribed instruments as if, in that subsection, the words "to be" were substituted for the words "to include".

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