Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Notice of meetings of members to members and directors

Notice to members and directors individually

             (1)  Written notice of a meeting of a company's members must be given individually to each member entitled to vote at the meeting and to each director. Notice need only be given to 1 member of a joint membership.

Notice to joint members (replaceable rule--see section 135)

             (2)  Notice to joint members must be given to the joint member named first in the register of members.

How notice is given

             (3)  A company may give the notice of meeting to a member:

                     (a)  personally; or

                     (b)  by sending it by post to the address for the member in the register of members or the alternative address (if any) nominated by the member; or

                     (c)  in the manner mentioned in paragraph 110D(1)(b), (c) or (d); or

                     (d)  by any other means that the company's constitution (if any) permits.

Note:          A defect in the notice given may not invalidate a meeting (see section 1322).

When notice is given (replaceable rule--see section 135)

             (4)  A notice of meeting is taken to be given:

                     (a)  if it is sent by post--3 days after it is posted; or

                    (aa)  if it is sent by sending the member information in accordance with paragraph 110D(1)(b) by post--3 days after the information is posted; or

                     (b)  if it is sent by means of an electronic communication in accordance with paragraph 110D(1)(c)--on the business day after it is sent; or

                     (c)  if it is sent by giving the member information in accordance with paragraph 110D(1)(d)--on the business day after the day on which the information is sent to the member.

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