Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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How many votes a member has (replaceable rule--see section 135)

Company with share capital

             (1)  Subject to any rights or restrictions attached to any class of shares, at a meeting of members of a company with a share capital:

                     (a)  on a show of hands, each member has 1 vote; and

                     (b)  on a poll, each member has 1 vote for each share they hold.

Note:          Unless otherwise specified in the appointment, a body corporate representative has all the powers that a body corporate has as a member (including the power to vote on a show of hands).

Company without share capital

             (2)  Each member of a company that does not have a share capital has 1 vote, both on a show of hands and a poll.

Chair's casting vote

             (3)  The chair has a casting vote, and also, if they are a member, any vote they have in their capacity as a member.

Note 1:       The chair may be precluded from voting, for example, by a conflict of interest.

Note 2:       For rights to appoint proxies, see section 249X.

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