Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Evidence of text of accounting standard or auditing standard

             (1)  This section applies to a document that purports to be published by, or on behalf of, the AASB or the AUASB and to set out the text of:

                     (a)  a specified standard as in force at a specified time under section 334 or 336; or

                     (b)  a specified provision of a standard of that kind.

It also applies to a copy of a document of that kind.

             (2)  In the absence of evidence to the contrary, a document to which this section applies is proof in proceedings under this Act that:

                     (a)  the specified standard was in force at that time under that section; and

                     (b)  the text set out in the document is the text of the standard referred to in paragraph (1)(a) or the provision referred to in paragraph (1)(b).


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