Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Meaning of remuneration recommendation

             (1)  A remuneration recommendation is:

                     (a)  a recommendation about either or both of the following:

                              (i)  how much the remuneration should be;

                             (ii)  what elements the remuneration should have;

                            for one or more members of the key management personnel for a company; or

                     (b)  a recommendation or advice about a matter or of a kind prescribed by the regulations.

             (2)  None of the following is a remuneration recommendation (even if it would otherwise be covered by subsection (1)):

                     (a)  advice about the operation of the law (including tax law);

                     (b)  advice about the operation of accounting principles (for example, about how options should be valued);

                     (c)  advice about the operation of actuarial principles and practice;

                     (d)  the provision of facts;

                     (e)  the provision of information of a general nature relevant to all employees of the company;

                      (f)  a recommendation, or advice or information, of a kind prescribed by the regulations.

             (3)  Subsection (2) does not limit the things that are not remuneration recommendations, nor does it mean that something specified in that subsection would otherwise be a remuneration recommendation within the meaning of subsection (1).

             (4)  ASIC may by writing declare that subsection (1) does not apply to a specified recommendation or specified advice, but may do so only if ASIC is satisfied that it would be unreasonable in the circumstances for the advice or recommendation to be a remuneration recommendation. The declaration has effect accordingly. The declaration is not a legislative instrument.

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