Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Objects of Part

  (1)   The principal objects of this Part are:

  (a)   to ensure that Australian exporters have continued access to outwards liner cargo shipping services of adequate frequency and reliability at freight rates that are internationally competitive; and

  (b)   to promote conditions in the international liner cargo shipping industry that encourage stable access to export markets for exporters in all States and Territories; and

  (c)   to ensure that efficient Australian flag shipping is not unreasonably hindered from normal commercial participation in any outwards liner cargo shipping trade; and

  (d)   as far as practicable, to extend to Australian importers in each State and Territory the protection given by this Part to Australian exporters.

  (2)   It is the intention of the Parliament that the principal objects of this Part should be achieved:

  (a)   by permitting continued conference operations while enhancing the competitive environment for international liner cargo shipping services through the provision of adequate and appropriate safeguards against abuse of conference power, particularly by:

  (i)   enacting additional restrictive trade practice provisions applying to ocean carriers;

  (ii)   requiring conference agreements to meet certain minimum standards;

  (iii)   making conference agreements generally publicly available;

  (iv)   permitting only partial and conditional exemption from restrictive trade practice prohibitions; and

  (v)   requiring conferences to take part   in negotiations with representative shipper bodies;

  (b)   through increased reliance on private commercial and legal processes and a reduced level of government regulation of routine commercial matters; and

  (c)   by the exercise of jurisdiction, consistent with international law:

  (i)   over ocean carriers who have a substantial connection with Australia because they provide international liner cargo shipping services; and

  (ii)   to enable remedies for contravention of the provisions of this Part to be enforced within Australia.

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