Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Review by Tribunal

             (1)  For the purposes of this section, each of the following decisions of the Minister is a reviewable decision :

                     (a)  a decision to:

                              (i)  give; or

                             (ii)  refuse to give;

                            a direction under subsection 10.44(1), subsection 10.46(3), paragraph 10.49(3)(b), subsection 10.51(1), subsection 10.56(3) or paragraph 10.59(3)(b);

                     (b)  a decision under section 10.49, 10.59 or 10.64 to:

                              (i)  accept an offer; or

                             (ii)  refuse to accept an offer;

                     (c)  a decision under paragraph 10.49(3)(a), 10.59(3)(a) or 10.64(3)(a) to:

                              (i)  revoke a reference; or

                             (ii)  refuse to revoke a reference;

                     (d)  a decision under paragraph 10.49(3)(c) to:

                              (i)  revoke a direction; or

                             (ii)  refuse to revoke a direction;

                     (e)  a decision to:

                              (i)  make; or

                             (ii)  refuse to make;

                            an order under subsection 10.54(1) or 10.61(1);

                      (f)  a decision under paragraph 10.59(3)(c) or 10.64(3)(b) to:

                              (i)  revoke an order; or

                             (ii)  refuse to revoke an order.

             (2)  If the Minister makes a reviewable decision:

                     (a)  a person whose interests are affected by the decision; or

                     (b)  a designated shipper body;

may apply in writing to the Tribunal for a review of the decision.

             (3)  An application under this section for a review of a decision must be made within 21 days after the Minister made the decision.

             (4)  If the Tribunal receives an application under this section for a review of a decision, the Tribunal must review the decision.

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