Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Matters to be included in an infringement notice

    An infringement notice must:

  (a)   be identified by a unique number; and

  (b)   state the day on which it is issued; and

  (c)   state the name and address of the person to whom it is issued; and

  (d)   identify the Commission; and

  (e)   state how the Commission may be contacted; and

  (f)   give details of the alleged contravention by the person, including:

  (i)   the date of the alleged contravention; and

  (ii)   the particular infringement notice provision that was allegedly contravened; and

  (g)   state the maximum pecuniary penalty that the court could order the person to pay under section   224 of the Australian Consumer Law for the alleged contravention; and

  (h)   specify the penalty that is payable in relation to the alleged contravention; and

  (i)   state that the penalty is payable within the infringement notice compliance period for the notice; and

  (j)   state that the penalty is payable to the Commission on behalf of the Commonwealth; and

  (k)   explain how payment of the penalty is to be made; and

  (l)   explain the effect of sections   134D, 134E, 134F and 134G.

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