Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Access codes prepared by industry bodies

  (1)   An industry body may give a written code to the Commission setting out rules for access to a service.

  (2)   The code must specify the expiry date of the code.

  (3)   The Commission may accept the code, if it thinks it appropriate to do so having regard to the following matters:

  (aa)   the objects of this Part;

  (ab)   the pricing principles specified in section   44ZZCA;

  (a)   the legitimate business interests of providers who might give undertakings in accordance with the code;

  (b)   the public interest, including the public interest in having competition in markets (whether or not in Australia);

  (c)   the interests of persons who might want access to the service covered by the code;

  (e)   any matters specified in regulations made for the purposes of this subsection;

  (f)   any other matters that the Commission thinks are relevant.

  (3A)   The Commission must not accept the code if a decision of the Commonwealth Minister is in force under section   44N that a regime established by a State or Territory for access to the service is an effective access regime.

  (6)   The industry body may:

  (a)   withdraw the code given under subsection   (1) at any time before the Commission makes a decision whether to accept the code; and

  (b)   withdraw or vary the code at any time after it has been accepted by the Commission, but only with the consent of the Commission.

The Commission may consent to a variation of the code if it thinks it appropriate to do so having regard to the matters in subsection   (3).

Note:   The Commission may rely on industry body consultations before giving its consent: see section   44ZZAB.

  (7)   If the industry body that gave the code to the Commission has ceased to exist, a withdrawal or variation under subsection   (6) may be made by a body or association prescribed by the regulations as a replacement for the original industry body.

  (8)   In this section:

"code" means a set of rules (which may be in general terms or detailed terms).

"industry body" means a body or association (including a body or association established by a law of a State or Territory) prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this section.

Note 1:   There are time limits that apply to a decision of the Commission under this section: see section   44ZZBC.

Note 2:   The Commission may request information and invite public submissions in relation to its decision: see sections   44ZZBCA and 44ZZBD.

Note 3:   The Commission must publish its decision: see section   44ZZBE.

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