Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Rules about disclosure, collection, use, accuracy, storage, security or deletion of product data

    Without limiting paragraph   56BB(b), the consumer data rules may include the following rules for CDR data for which there are no CDR consumers:

  (a)   requirements on a CDR participant for the CDR data to disclose all or part of the CDR data to a person in response to a valid request by the person;

  (b)   rules about:

  (i)   how a person may make a valid request of the kind described in paragraph   (a); and

  (ii)   what must be included in a request for it to be valid, what disclosures or other matters a valid request may cover, and when a request ceases to be a valid request;

  (c)   requirements on a person to satisfy in order to be disclosed the CDR data in the way described in paragraph   (a);

  (d)   other rules affecting:

  (i)   CDR participants for the CDR data; or

  (ii)   persons wishing to be disclosed the CDR data;

    that relate to the disclosure, collection, use, accuracy, storage, security or deletion of the CDR data.

Note 1:   A request for this CDR data could be made, for example, to assist the development of a product or service.

Note 2:   The requirements described in paragraph   (a) could, for example, include a requirement that the disclosure be in accordance with the relevant data standards.

Note 3:   The privacy safeguards do not apply to this CDR data (see subsection   56EB(1)).

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