Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Functions, powers and annual report

  (1)   The functions of the Accreditation Registrar are:

  (a)   those described in Subdivision B; and

  (b)   such other functions as are conferred by the consumer data rules.

  (2)   The Accreditation Registrar has the power to do all other things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of the Accreditation Registrar's functions.

  (3)   To avoid doubt, for a person who is the Accreditation Registrar, both:

  (a)   the person's functions and powers in their capacity other than as the Accreditation Registrar (their primary capacity ); and

  (b)   if the person is not a body corporate--the functions that may be performed, and the powers that may be exercised, by anyone appointed under a Commonwealth law to act as the person in that primary capacity;

are taken to include the functions and powers of the Accreditation Registrar while the person is the Accreditation Registrar.

  (4)   If:

  (a)   a person is the Accreditation Registrar at any time during a period; and

  (b)   an annual report for the period is prepared under section   46 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 :

  (i)   by the person in the person's primary capacity; or

  (ii)   about the person in the person's primary capacity;

the annual report must include information about the performance of the Accreditation Registrar's functions, and the exercise of the Accreditation Registrar's powers, at that time.

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