Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Texts of Conventions

             (1)  For the purposes of this Act, but subject to subsection (2), the text of a Convention specified in any of the following paragraphs is taken to be the text set out in the Schedule specified in that paragraph:

                     (a)  Schedule 1--the Warsaw Convention;

                     (b)  Schedule 2--the Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague;

                     (c)  Schedule 3--the Guadalajara Convention;

                     (e)  Schedule 5--the Montreal No. 4 Convention.

             (2)  If there is any inconsistency between the text of a Convention, other than the 1999 Montreal Convention, as set out in a Schedule and the text that would result if the authentic French texts of the instruments making up the Convention were read and interpreted together as one single instrument, the latter text prevails.

             (3)  A certificate signed by the Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Department that a document to which the certificate is annexed is a true copy of the authentic French text of the Warsaw Convention, the Hague Protocol, the Guadalajara Convention, the Guatemala City Protocol or the Montreal Protocol No. 4 is prima facie evidence that the document is such a true copy.

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