Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Extension to Territories  
   4.      Interpretation  
   4A.     Application of the Criminal Code  

           Division 1--Constitution of the Court

   5.      Creation of Court  
   6.      Appointment, removal and resignation of Judges  
   6A.     Assignment of Judges to Divisions  
   7.      Acting Chief Justice  
   8.      Seniority  
   9.      Salary and allowances of Judges  
   10.     Appropriation  
   11.     Oath or affirmation of office  
   12.     Place of sitting  
   13.     General and Fair Work Divisions of the Court  
   13A.    Authorised Judges may manage classes of proceedings  
   14.     Manner in which Court may be constituted  
   15.     Arrangement of business of Court  
   16.     Court divided in opinion  
   17.     Exercise of jurisdiction in open court and in Chambers  
   18.     Powers of Court to extend to whole of Australia  

           Division 1--Management responsibilities of Chief Justice and Chief Executive Officer

   18A.    Management of administrative affairs of Court  
   18B.    Chief Executive Officer  
   18BAA.  Arrangements with other courts  
   18BA.   Arrangements with agencies or organisations  
           Division 2--Appointment, powers etc
   18C.    Establishment and appointment of Chief Executive Officer  
   18D.    Powers of Chief Executive Officer  
   18E.    Remuneration of Chief Executive Officer  
   18F.    Terms and conditions of appointment of Chief Executive Officer  
   18G.    Leave of absence  
   18H.    Resignation  
   18J.    Outside employment of Chief Executive Officer  
   18K.    Termination of appointment  
   18L.    Disclosure of interests by Chief Executive Officer  
   18M.    Acting Chief Executive Officer  
           Division 3--Other officers and staff of Registries
   18N.    Personnel other than the Chief Executive Officer  
   18P.    Sheriff  
   18PA.   Marshal  
   18PB.   Deputy Marshals  
   18PC.   Authorised persons to assist the Marshal or Deputy Marshals  
           Division 4--Miscellaneous administrative matters
   18S.    Annual report  
   18W.    Delegation of administrative powers of Chief Justice  
   18X.    Proceedings arising out of the administrative affairs of Court  
   18XA.   Protection of persons involved in handling etc. complaints  
   18Y.    Oath or affirmation of office  

           Division 1--Corporate services

   18Z.    Corporate services  
   18ZA.   Proceedings in relation to corporate services  
           Division 2--Application of the finance law
   18ZB.   Application of the finance law  
   18ZC.   Delegation of powers etc. under the finance law  
   18ZD.   Managing appropriations  
           Division 3--Application of the Public Service Act 1999 etc
   18ZE.   Statutory Agency etc. for purposes of the Public Service Act 1999  
   18ZF.   Making arrangements relating to APS employees  
   18ZG.   Delegation of powers etc. under the Public Service Act 1999  
           Division 4--Other powers of the Chief Executive Officer
   18ZH.   Appointment of other court officers  
   18ZI.   Engagement of consultants, family counsellors and family dispute resolution practitioners  
   18ZJ.   Subdelegation of powers under this Division  
           Division 5--Other matters
   18ZK.   Officers of the Court and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia  

           Division 1--Original jurisdiction (general)

   19.     Original jurisdiction  
   20.     Exercise of original jurisdiction  
   20A.    Power of the Court to deal with civil matters without an oral hearing  
   21.     Declarations of right  
   22.     Determination of matter completely and finally  
   23.     Making of orders and issue of writs  
           Division 1A--Original jurisdiction (indictable offences)

              Subdivision A--Introduction

   23AA.   Background and simplified outline  
   23AB.   Application of Division  

              Subdivision B--Matters relating to indictments

   23BA.   Indictment may include alternate counts  
   23BB.   Single count can cover multiple accused  
   23BC.   Separating one or more accused from a single count  
   23BD.   Single indictment can include multiple counts  
   23BE.   Separating one or more counts from a single indictment  
   23BF.   Time within which indictments must be filed following committal order  
   23BG.   Consequences of not filing indictment within time  
   23BH.   Amending indictments  

              Subdivision C--Pre-trial matters

   23CA.   Pre-trial hearings  
   23CB.   Court may make orders during pre-trial hearings  
   23CC.   Matters that must be raised during pre-trial hearings  
   23CD.   Pre-trial and ongoing disclosure  
   23CE.   Disclosure of case for the prosecution  
   23CF.   Accused's response  
   23CG.   Prosecutor's response to accused's response  
   23CH.   Ongoing disclosure obligations  
   23CI.   Copies of things need not be provided if impracticable etc.  
   23CJ.   Personal details need not be provided  
   23CK.   Things need not be disclosed to a party more than once  
   23CL.   Effect on legal professional privilege and other privileges and duties etc.  
   23CM.   Consequences of disclosure requirements  
   23CN.   Restricting further disclosure of disclosed material  
   23CO.   Restricting admissibility of disclosed material as evidence in other proceedings  
   23CP.   Objecting to indictments  
   23CQ.   Examining witnesses after committal in absence of the jury  

              Subdivision D--Pre-trial matters

   23DA.   Simplified outline  
   23DB.   Application to criminal proceedings  
   23DC.   Number of jurors on jury  
   23DD.   Continuation of the trial with a reduced jury  
   23DE.   Ballot to reduce additional jurors  
   23DF.   Jury districts (establishment and boundaries)  
   23DG.   Jury roll for a jury district  
   23DH.   Qualification and liability for serving on jury  
   23DI.   Disqualification from serving on jury (convictions, charges, detention orders etc.)  
   23DJ.   Disqualification from serving on jury (professional ineligibility)  
   23DK.   When Sheriff is to convene a jury panel  
   23DL.   Sheriff to select the jury district for the proceedings  
   23DM.   Sheriff to prepare the jury list for the proceedings  
   23DN.   Investigation and questionnaires  
   23DO.   Removing names from jury list  
   23DP.   Jury summonses  
   23DQ.   Sheriff's power to excuse--on application  
   23DR.   Sheriff's power to excuse--on own initiative  
   23DS.   Preparing the jury panel  
   23DT.   Preparing to empanel the jury  
   23DU.   Empanelling the jury  
   23DV.   Court's power to excuse a person from serving on jury  
   23DW.   Supplementary jurors  
   23DX.   Challenges to potential jurors--general  
   23DY.   Challenges for cause  
   23DZ.   Peremptory challenges  
   23DZA.  Prosecutor may request that potential jurors be stood aside  

              Subdivision E--Other jury matters

   23EA.   Appointing the jury foreperson  
   23EB.   Confidentiality directions  
   23EC.   Things to help jury understand issues  
   23ED.   Recalling the jury for further directions or evidence  
   23EE.   When jury can separate  
   23EF.   Directions and potential jurors and jurors  
   23EG.   Sheriff's powers  
   23EH.   Jurors' remuneration  
   23EI.   Discharge of potential jurors  
   23EJ.   Discharge of jurors--by law  
   23EK.   Discharge of jurors--by the Court  
   23EL.   Discharge of jury  
   23EM.   Consequences of discharging the jury  

              Subdivision F--Matters relating to pleas, the trial and verdicts

   23FA.   Accused to be arraigned before the jury  
   23FB.   Practice and procedure applicable to the trial  
   23FC.   Admissibility of evidence given in committal proceedings  
   23FD.   Entering pleas  
   23FE.   Pleading to some counts in satisfaction of other counts  
   23FF.   Pleading to different offences capable of being supported by indictment  
   23FG.   Changing pleas  
   23FH.   Court's verdict if no case to answer  
   23FI.   Jury's verdict  
   23FJ.   Consequences of guilty pleas and guilty verdicts  
   23FK.   Consequences of not guilty verdicts  

              Subdivision G--Procedure on committal for sentencing

   23GA.   When Subdivision applies  
   23GB.   Accused taken to have been committed for trial etc.  

              Subdivision H--Custodial and other matters

   23HA.   Remanding in custody when proceedings adjourned  
   23HB.   Oaths and affirmations  
   23HC.   Protecting witnesses etc.  
   23HD.   Accused cannot make unsworn statements  
   23HE.   Costs  
           Division 2--Appellate and related jurisdiction (civil proceedings)
   23P.    Appellate jurisdiction in civil proceedings  
   24.     Appellate jurisdiction  
   25.     Exercise of appellate jurisdiction  
   26.     Cases stated and questions reserved  
   27.     Evidence on appeal  
   28.     Form of judgment on appeal  
   29.     Stay of proceedings and suspension of orders  
   30.     New trials  
           Division 2A--Appellate and related jurisdiction (criminal proceedings)

              Subdivision A--Bringing appeals

   30AA.   Appellate jurisdiction--allowable appeals  
   30AB.   Leave needed unless question of law or about bail  
   30AC.   Who may appeal  
   30AD.   Appellate jurisdiction--further appeal if Attorney-General consents  
   30AE.   Exercise of appellate jurisdiction  
   30AF.   Time for appealing  
   30AG.   Right to attend  
   30AH.   Practice and procedure applicable to the appeal  
   30AI.   Evidence on appeal  
   30AJ.   When to allow appeals  
   30AK.   Stay or suspension of orders pending appeal  
   30AL.   Prison sentence not to include time on bail  

              Subdivision B--Form of judgment on appeal

   30BA.   Court may give such judgment as is appropriate  
   30BB.   Allowing appeals against convictions on indictment  
   30BC.   Allowing appeals against sentence  
   30BD.   Allowing appeals for certain acquittals  
   30BE.   Allowing appeals involving unfitness, mental illness etc.  
   30BF.   Allowing appeals from summary proceedings  
   30BG.   Allowing appeals against bail, bail forfeiture or interim judgments and decisions (including about custody)  
   30BH.   Matters relevant to form of judgment on appeal  

              Subdivision C--References

   30CA.   Cases stated and questions reserved  
   30CB.   Questions referred after trial  

              Subdivision D--Other

   30DA.   Costs  
           Division 3--General
   31.     Contempt of Court  
   31A.    Summary judgment  
   31B.    Prerogative of mercy unaffected  
   32.     Jurisdiction in associated matters  
   32AA.   Proceedings not to be instituted in the Court if an associated matter is before the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2)  
   32AB.   Discretionary transfer of civil proceedings to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia  
   32AC.   Discretionary transfer of civil proceedings from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2)  
   32AD.   Confirmation of civil proceedings transferred from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2)  
   32A.    State Supreme Courts invested with jurisdiction in Chambers  


   33.     Appeals to High Court  

           Division 1--Preliminary

   33A.    Interpretation  
   33B.    Application  
           Division 2--Commencement of representative proceeding
   33C.    Commencement of proceeding  
   33D.    Standing  
   33E.    Is consent required to be a group member?  
   33F.    Persons under disability  
   33G.    Representative proceeding not to be commenced in certain circumstances  
   33H.    Originating process  
   33J.    Right of group member to opt out  
   33K.    Causes of action accruing after commencement of representative proceeding  
   33L.    Situation where fewer than 7 group members  
   33M.    Cost of distributing money etc. excessive  
   33N.    Order that proceeding not continue as representative proceeding where costs excessive etc.  
   33P.    Consequences of order that proceeding not continue under this Part  
   33Q.    Determination of issues where not all issues are common  
   33R.    Individual issues  
   33S.    Directions relating to commencement of further proceedings  
   33T.    Adequacy of representation  
   33U.    Stay of execution in certain circumstances  
   33V.    Settlement and discontinuance--representative proceeding  
   33W.    Settlement of individual claim of representative party  
           Division 3--Notices
   33X.    Notice to be given of certain matters  
   33Y.    Notices--ancillary provisions  
           Division 4--Judgment etc
   33Z.    Judgment--powers of the Court  
   33ZA.   Constitution etc. of fund  
   33ZB.   Effect of judgment  
           Division 5--Appeals
   33ZC.   Appeals to the Court  
   33ZD.   Appeals to the High Court--extended operation of sections 33ZC and 33ZF  
           Division 6--Miscellaneous
   33ZE.   Suspension of limitation periods  
   33ZF.   General power of Court to make orders  
   33ZG.   Saving of rights, powers etc.  
   33ZH.   Special provision relating to claims under Part VI of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 etc.  
   33ZJ.   Reimbursement of representative party's costs  


   34.     Registries  
   35.     Officers of Court  
   35A.    Powers of Registrars  
   36.     Seal of Court  
   37.     Writs etc.  

           Division 1--Preliminary

   37AA.   Definitions  
   37AB.   Powers of the Court not affected  
   37AC.   Other laws not affected  
   37AD.   No limit on section 23HC  
           Division 2--Suppression and non-publication orders
   37AE.   Safeguarding public interest in open justice  
   37AF.   Power to make orders  
   37AG.   Grounds for making an order  
   37AH.   Procedure for making an order  
   37AI.   Interim orders  
   37AJ.   Duration of orders  
   37AK.   Exception for court officials  
   37AL.   Contravention of order  

           Division 1--Preliminary

   37AM.   Definitions  
   37AN.   Powers of the Court not affected  
           Division 2--Vexatious proceedings orders
   37AO.   Making vexatious proceedings orders  
   37AP.   Notification of vexatious proceedings orders  
           Division 3--Particular consequences of vexatious proceedings orders
   37AQ.   Proceedings in contravention of vexatious proceedings order  
   37AR.   Application for leave to institute proceedings  
   37AS.   Dismissing application for leave  
   37AT.   Granting application for leave  


   37A.    Appointment of assessors  
   37B.    Qualifications for appointment  
   37C.    Remuneration and allowances  
   37D.    Terms and conditions of appointment  
   37E.    Oath or affirmation of office  
   37F.    Leave of absence  
   37G.    Resignation  
   37H.    Termination of appointment--bankruptcy etc.  
   37I.    Termination of appointment--misbehaviour or incapacity  
   37J.    Suspension of assessors--misbehaviour or incapacity  
   37K.    Outside employment  
   37L.    Disclosure of interests  


   37M.    The overarching purpose of civil practice and procedure provisions  
   37N.    Parties to act consistently with the overarching purpose  
   37P.    Power of the Court to give directions about practice and procedure in a civil proceeding  


   38.     Practice and procedure  
   39.     Civil trials to be without jury  
   40.     Power of Court in civil proceedings to direct trial of issues with a jury  
   41.     Juries in civil proceedings  
   43.     Costs  
   44.     Oaths and affirmations  
   45.     Making of affidavits  
   46.     Orders and commissions for examination of witnesses  
   47.     Oral, video link, telephone and affidavit evidence  
   47A.    Testimony by video link, audio link or other appropriate means  
   47B.    Appearances or submissions by video link, audio link or other appropriate means  
   47C.    Conditions for use of video links, audio links or other appropriate means  
   47D.    Putting documents to a person by video link, audio link or other appropriate means  
   47E.    Administration of oaths and affirmations  
   47F.    Expenses  
   47G.    New Zealand proceedings  
   48.     Change of venue  
   49.     Reserved judgments  
   51.     Formal defects not to invalidate  
   51A.    Interest up to judgment  
   52.     Interest on judgment  
   53.     Enforcement of judgment  
   53A.    Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes  
   53AA.   Power of arbitrator to refer question of law to the Court  
   53AB.   Application to the Court for review of award on a question of law or for costs to be taxed  
   53B.    Admissions made to mediators  
   53C.    Protection of mediators and arbitrators  
   54.     Arbitration awards  
   54A.    Referral of questions to a referee  
   54B.    Protection of referees  
   55.     Actions by or against Sheriff  
   55AA.   Actions by or against Marshal  
   55A.    Making arrests under this Act or warrants  
   56.     Security  
   57.     Receivers  
   58.     Offences by witness  

           Division 1--Offences

   58AA.   Failing to attend for jury service  
   58AB.   Failing to comply with directions--persons attending for jury service  
   58AC.   Failing to comply with directions--jurors  
   58AD.   Impersonating a juror or potential juror  
   58AE.   Failing to complete and return a questionnaire  
   58AF.   False or misleading information to avoid jury service  
   58AG.   Bribery of jurors or potential jurors  
   58AH.   Causing or threatening harm to jurors, potential jurors or former jurors  
   58AI.   Obstructing jurors or potential jurors  
   58AJ.   Publishing or broadcasting information identifying jurors, potential jurors or former jurors  
   58AK.   Soliciting information from jurors  
   58AL.   Disclosing information about a jury  
   58AM.   Making improper inquiries as a juror or potential juror  
           Division 2--Infringement notices
   58BA.   When an infringement notice can be given  
   58BB.   Matters to be included in an infringement notice  
   58BC.   Amount of penalty  
   58BD.   Withdrawal of an infringement notice  
   58BE.   What happens if the penalty is paid  
   58BF.   Effect of this Division on criminal proceedings  
   58BG.   Regulations  

           Division 1--Introduction

   58CA.   Simplified outline  
           Division 2--Granting bail
   58DA.   Applying for bail  
   58DB.   Granting bail  
   58DC.   Bail may be granted subject to conditions  
   58DD.   Bail to be stayed pending appeal  
   58DE.   Bail undertakings etc.  
   58DF.   Effect of granting bail  
   58DG.   Seeking discharge from undertaking to give security  
   58DH.   Dealings with property given as security for bail  
           Division 3--Reconsidering bail orders
   58EA.   Reconsidering bail--discharge of security or accused fails to comply with the accused's bail undertaking  
   58EB.   Reconsidering bail--change in circumstances  
   58EC.   Consequences if bail is varied or revoked  
           Division 4--Further consequences if accused fails to appear in accordance with bail undertaking
   58FA.   Offence for failing to appear before the Court  
   58FB.   Notice of proposed forfeiture  
   58FC.   Ordering forfeiture  
   58FD.   When forfeiture orders take effect  
   58FE.   Effect of forfeiture orders  
           Division 5--When bail ends
   58GA.   Continuing bail orders  
   58GB.   Bail discharged if the Court discharges the accused  
   58GC.   Continuing security undertakings when bail ends  
   58GD.   Returning security when bail ends  
           Division 6--Other matters
   58HA.   Admissibility of certain matters  
   58HB.   Indemnifying a person providing security  


   59.     Rules of Court  
   59A.    Regulations modifying or adapting the Legislation Act 2003  
   60.     Regulations  
           THE SCHEDULE

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