Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Limitations on jurisdiction of Family Court and of State and Territory Supreme Courts

             (1)  The regulations may provide that, from a date specified in the regulations (not being a date before the regulations are registered under the Legislation Act 2003 ), the jurisdiction of the Family Court under this Act in relation to all proceedings, or a specified class of proceedings, must not be exercised in a specified State or Territory, or in 2 or more specified States and Territories.

             (3)  The Governor-General may, by Proclamation, fix a date as the date on and after which matrimonial causes, and other proceedings, referred to in subsection 39(5) may not be instituted in or transferred to the Supreme Court of a State or Territory specified in the Proclamation, or may be so instituted or transferred only where specified conditions are complied with, and such a Proclamation may be expressed to apply only to proceedings of a specified class or specified classes and may be expressed to apply only to the institution of proceedings in, or the transfer of proceedings to, a particular Registry or Registries of a Supreme Court referred to in the Proclamation.

             (4)  The Supreme Court of a State or Territory shall not hear and determine proceedings under this Act instituted in or transferred to that Court otherwise than in accordance with any Proclamation in force under subsection (3), but nothing in this section invalidates a decree made by such a Supreme Court.

          (4A)  The Governor-General may, by Proclamation, declare that a Proclamation made under subsection (3) is revoked on and from a specified date and, on and after the specified date, this Act (including subsection (3)) has effect as if the revoked Proclamation had not been made, but without prejudice to the effect of the revoked Proclamation in respect of the jurisdiction of courts before the specified date.

             (5)  Proclamations under subsection (3) may be made from time to time.

             (6)  A party to proceedings instituted or continued under this Act that are at any time pending in the Supreme Court of a State or Territory, being proceedings that could, at the date of the application under this subsection, have been instituted in the Family Court, may apply to the Family Court for an order transferring the proceedings to the Family Court, and the Court may order accordingly.

             (7)  The standard Rules of Court may make provision in relation to matters arising in or in connexion with the transfer of proceedings in accordance with an order under subsection (6).

             (8)  This section does not apply in relation to proceedings under Part VII or in relation to jurisdiction conferred on a federal court or a court of a Territory, or invested in a court of a State, by regulations made for the purposes of section 111C.

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