Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Effect of parenting order that provides for shared parental responsibility

  (1)   This section applies if, under a parenting order:

  (a)   2 or more persons are to share parental responsibility for a child; and

  (b)   the exercise of that parental responsibility involves making a decision about a major long - term issue in relation to the child.

  (2)   The order is taken to require the decision to be made jointly by those persons.

Note:   Subject to any court orders, decisions about issues that are not major long - term issues are made by the person with whom the child is spending time without a need to consult the other person (see section   65DAE).

  (3)   The order is taken to require each of those persons:

  (a)   to consult the other person in relation to the decision to be made about that issue; and

  (b)   to make a genuine effort to come to a joint decision about that issue.

  (4)   To avoid doubt, this section does not require any other person to establish, before acting on a decision about the child communicated by one of those persons, that the decision has been made jointly.

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