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Intervention in child abuse cases

  (1)   This section applies to proceedings under this Act in which it has been alleged that a child has been abused or is at risk of being abused.

  (2)   Each of the following persons is entitled to intervene in the proceedings:

  (a)   a guardian of the child;

  (b)   a parent of the child with whom the child lives;

  (ba)   a person with whom the child is to live under a parenting order;

  (bb)   a person who has parental responsibility for the child under a parenting order;

  (c)   any other person responsible for the care, welfare or development of the child;

  (d)   a prescribed child welfare authority;

  (e)   a person who is alleged to have abused the child or from whom the child is alleged to be at risk of abuse.

  (3)   Where a person intervenes in proceedings pursuant to this section, the person is, unless the court otherwise orders, to be taken to be a party to the proceedings with all the rights, duties and liabilities of a party.

Note:   Division   12A of Part   VII has provisions about procedure and evidence that apply to child - related proceedings (within the meaning of Part   VII).

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