Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Objects--general  
   3A.     Objects--information or documents otherwise accessible  
   4.      Interpretation  
   4A.     Certain legislation relating to Australian Capital Territory not to be enactment  
   5.      Act to apply to courts in respect of administrative matters  
   6.      Act to apply to certain tribunals in respect of administrative matters  
   6A.     Official Secretary to the Governor-General  
   6C.     Requirement for Commonwealth contracts  
   7.      Exemption of certain persons and bodies  


           Division 1--Guide to this Part

   7A.     Information publication scheme--guide  

           Division 2--Information to be published

   8.      Information to be published--what information?  
   8A.     Information to be published--what is operational information?  
   8B.     Information to be published--accuracy etc.  
   8C.     Information to be published--restrictions  
   8D.     Information to be published--how (and to whom) information is to be published  
   8E.     Information to be published--Information Commissioner to assist agencies  

           Division 3--Review of information publication scheme

   8F.     Review of scheme--Information Commissioner functions  
   9.      Review of scheme--by agencies  

           Division 4--Guidelines

   9A.     Functions and powers under this Part  

           Division 5--Miscellaneous

   10.     Unpublished operational information  
   10A.    Who performs functions etc. given to agencies  
   10B.    Transitional--Norfolk Island authorities  


   11.     Right of access  
   11A.    Access to documents on request  
   11B.    Public interest exemptions--factors  
   11C.    Publication of information in accessed documents  
   12.     Part not to apply to certain documents  
   13.     Documents in certain institutions  
   15.     Requests for access  
   15AA.   Extension of time with agreement  
   15AB.   Extension of time for complex or voluminous requests  
   15AC.   Decision not made on request within time--deemed refusal  
   15A.    Request for access to personnel records  
   16.     Transfer of requests  
   16A.    Requests transferred from the ACT  
   17.     Requests involving use of computers etc.  
   20.     Forms of access  
   21.     Deferment of access  
   22.     Access to edited copies with exempt or irrelevant matter deleted  
   23.     Decisions to be made by authorised persons  
   24.     Power to refuse request--diversion of resources etc.  
   24AA.   When does a practical refusal reason exist?  
   24AB.   What is a request consultation process?  
   24A.    Requests may be refused if documents cannot be found, do not exist or have not been received  
   25.     Information as to existence of certain documents  
   26.     Reasons and other particulars of decisions to be given  
   26A.    Consultation--documents affecting Commonwealth-State relations etc.  
   27.     Consultation--business documents  
   27A.    Consultation--documents affecting personal privacy  
   29.     Charges  
   31.     Decision to impose charge--extended period for processing request  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   31A.    Access to exempt and conditionally exempt documents  
   31B.    Exempt documents for the purposes of this Part  
   32.     Interpretation  

           Division 2--Exemptions

   33.     Documents affecting national security, defence or international relations  
   34.     Cabinet documents  
   37.     Documents affecting enforcement of law and protection of public safety  
   38.     Documents to which secrecy provisions of enactments apply  
   42.     Documents subject to legal professional privilege  
   45.     Documents containing material obtained in confidence  
   45A.    Parliamentary Budget Office documents  
   46.     Documents disclosure of which would be contempt of Parliament or contempt of court  
   47.     Documents disclosing trade secrets or commercially valuable information  
   47A.    Electoral rolls and related documents  

           Division 3--Public interest conditional exemptions

   47B.    Public interest conditional exemptions--Commonwealth-State relations etc.  
   47C.    Public interest conditional exemptions--deliberative processes  
   47D.    Public interest conditional exemptions--financial or property interests of the Commonwealth  
   47E.    Public interest conditional exemptions--certain operations of agencies  
   47F.    Public interest conditional exemptions--personal privacy  
   47G.    Public interest conditional exemptions--business  
   47H.    Public interest conditional exemptions--research  
   47J.    Public interest conditional exemptions--the economy  


   48.     Application for amendment or annotation of personal records  
   49.     Requirements of an application for amendment  
   50.     Amendment of records  
   51.     Annotations of records etc. following unsuccessful applications for amendments of records  
   51A.    Requirements of an application for annotation  
   51B.    Annotation of records  
   51C.    Transfer of requests  
   51D.    Notification etc. of a decision under this Part  
   51DA.   Decision not made on request for amendment or annotation within time--deemed refusal  
   51E.    Comments on annotations  


   52.     Internal review of decisions--guide  
   53.     Interpretation  
   53A.    What is an access refusal decision?  
   53B.    What is an access grant decision?  
   53C.    Internal review--who is an affected third party?  
   54.     Internal review--access refusal decision  
   54A.    Internal review--access grant decision  
   54B.    Internal review--application for review  
   54C.    Internal review--decision on internal review  
   54D.    Internal review--deemed affirmation of original decision  
   54E.    Internal review--decisions to which this Part does not apply  


           Division 1--Guide to this Part

   54F.    Review by the Information Commissioner--guide  

           Division 2--Key concepts

   54G.    Key concepts--what is an IC review?  
   54H.    Key concepts--what is an IC review application?  
   54J.    Key concepts--who is an IC review applicant?  
   54K.    Key concepts--what is an IC reviewable decision?  

           Division 3--IC reviewable decisions

   54L.    IC reviewable decisions--access refusal decisions  
   54M.    IC reviewable decisions--access grant decisions  

           Division 4--IC review applications

              Subdivision A--Making an application

   54N.    IC review applications--application  
   54P.    IC review applications--requirement to notify affected third parties  
   54Q.    IC review applications--circumstances in which not giving notice is appropriate  
   54R.    IC review applications--withdrawal  

              Subdivision B--Time limits

   54S.    IC review applications--time limits  
   54T.    IC review applications--extension of time  

           Division 5--Decision to review

   54U.    Decision to review--interpretation  
   54V.    Decision to review--preliminary inquiries  
   54W.    Decision to review--discretion not to review  
   54X.    Decision to review--notice requirement if discretion not to review exercised  
   54Y.    Decision to review--actual decisions made after IC review has commenced  

           Division 6--Procedure in IC review

   54Z.    Procedure in IC review--general notice requirement  
   55.     Procedure in IC review--general  
   55A.    Procedure in IC review--parties to proceeding  
   55B.    Procedure in IC review--application for hearing  
   55C.    Procedure in IC review--representation  
   55D.    Procedure in IC review--onus  
   55DA.   Decision-maker must assist Information Commissioner  
   55E.    Procedure in IC review--inadequate reasons from decision maker  
   55F.    Procedure in IC review--review parties reach agreement  
   55G.    Procedure in IC review--revocation or variation of access refusal decision  
   55H.    Procedure in IC review--reference of questions of law to Federal Court of Australia  
   55J.    Procedure in IC review--sending of documents to, and disclosure of documents by, the Federal Court of Australia  

           Division 7--Decision on IC review

   55K.    Decision on IC review--decision of Information Commissioner  
   55L.    Decision on IC review--no power to give access to exempt documents  
   55M.    Decision on IC review--limitation on amending records  
   55N.    Decision on IC review--obligation to comply with decision  
   55P.    Decision on IC review--enforcement of decision against agency  
   55Q.    Decision on IC review--correction of errors  

           Division 8--Information gathering powers

   55R.    Information gathering powers--obliging production of information and documents  
   55S.    Information gathering powers--dealings with documents  
   55T.    Information gathering powers--production of exempt documents generally  
   55U.    Information gathering powers--production of national security, Cabinet or Parliamentary Budget Office documents  
   55V.    Information gathering powers--further searches for a document  
   55W.    Information gathering powers--obliging persons to appear  
   55X.    Information gathering powers--administration of oath or affirmation  
   55Y.    Information gathering powers--no loss of legal professional privilege  
   55Z.    Information gathering powers--protection from liability  

           Division 9--Evidence by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

   55ZA.   Evidence by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security--scope  
   55ZB.   Evidence by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security--request to give evidence  
   55ZC.   Evidence by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security--compliance with request  
   55ZD.   Evidence by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security--procedural matters  

           Division 10--Appeals

   56.     Appeals--appeals to Federal Court of Australia on questions of law  
   56A.    Appeals--Federal Court of Australia may make findings of fact  


           Division 1--Guide to this Part

   57.     Review by the Tribunal--guide  

           Division 2--Tribunal reviewable decisions

   57A.    Tribunal reviewable decisions--which decisions are reviewable?  

           Division 3--Powers of Tribunal

   58.     Powers of Tribunal  
   58A.    Powers of Tribunal--requiring further searches  
   58AA.   Powers of Tribunal--limitation on amending records  

           Division 4--Procedure in Tribunal

   58B.    Constitution of Tribunal for proceedings about certain exempt documents  
   58D.    Modification of section 42 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975  
   58E.    Production to the Tribunal of certain exempt documents  
   60.     Procedure in Tribunal--parties  
   60AA.   Procedure in Tribunal--requirement to notify affected third parties  
   60AB.   Procedure in Tribunal--circumstances in which not giving notice is appropriate  
   60A.    Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security must be requested to give evidence in certain proceedings  
   61.     Onus  
   61A.    Modification of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975  
   62.     Application of section 28 of Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act etc.  

           Division 5--Protection of information in Tribunal

   63.     Tribunal to ensure non-disclosure of certain matters  
   64.     Production of exempt documents  

           Division 6--Recommendations as to costs

   66.     Tribunal may make recommendation that costs be available in certain circumstances  

           Division 7--Automatic stay of certain decisions

   67.     Automatic stay of certain decisions on appeal  


           Division 1--Guide to this Part

   68.     Investigations and complaints--guide  

           Division 2--Information Commissioner investigations

              Subdivision A--Power to investigate

   69.     Information Commissioner investigations--power to investigate  

              Subdivision B--Making complaints

   70.     Information Commissioner investigations--making complaints  

              Subdivision C--Decision to investigate

   71.     Information Commissioner investigations--interpretation  
   72.     Information Commissioner investigations--preliminary inquiries  
   73.     Information Commissioner investigations--discretion not to investigate  
   74.     Information Commissioner investigations--transfer to Ombudsman  
   75.     Information Commissioner investigations--notice requirements  

              Subdivision D--Investigation procedure

   76.     Information Commissioner investigations--conduct of investigation  
   77.     Information Commissioner investigations--general power to enter premises  
   78.     Information Commissioner investigations--places for which approval required before entry  
   79.     Information Commissioner investigations--obliging production of information and documents  
   80.     Information Commissioner investigations--dealings with documents  
   81.     Information Commissioner investigations--exempt documents  
   82.     Information Commissioner investigations--obliging persons to appear  
   83.     Information Commissioner investigations--administration of oath or affirmation  
   84.     Information Commissioner investigations--no loss of legal professional privilege  
   85.     Information Commissioner investigations--protection from liability  

              Subdivision E--Outcome of investigation

   86.     Information Commissioner investigations--notice on completion  
   87.     Information Commissioner investigations--what are the investigation results?  
   88.     Information Commissioner investigations--what are the investigation recommendations?  
   89.     Information Commissioner investigations--failure to implement investigation recommendation  
   89A.    Information Commissioner investigations--failure to take action in response to implementation notice  
   89B.    Information Commissioner investigations--requirements for report  
   89C.    Information Commissioner investigations--ensuring non-disclosure of certain matters  
   89D.    Information Commissioner investigations--limitation on amending records  
   89E.    Information Commissioner investigations--protection from civil action  

           Division 3--Complaints to Ombudsman

   89F.    Complaints to Ombudsman--powers not affected  
   89G.    Complaints to Ombudsman--report must not contain certain information  
   89H.    Complaints to Ombudsman--certain rights not affected by certificates  
   89J.    Complaints to Ombudsman--limitation on amending records in reports under the Ombudsman Act 1976  


           Division 1--Vexatious applicants

   89K.    Vexatious applicants--declaration  
   89L.    Vexatious applicants--grounds for declaration  
   89M.    Vexatious applicants--effect of declaration  
   89N.    Vexatious applicants--review by Tribunal  

           Division 2--General

   89P.    Staff to hold appropriate security clearance  
   90.     Protection against civil liability--general  
   91.     Protection against civil liability--particular situations  
   92.     Protection against criminal liability  
   93.     Agencies to provide information to Information Commissioner  
   93A.    Guidelines  
   93B.    Review of operation of Act  
   94.     Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1 Courts and tribunals exempt in respect of non-administrative matters
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3 Secrecy provisions
           SCHEDULE 4 Research institutions

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