Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Dealing with a dismissal dispute (other than by arbitration)

             (1)  If an application is made under section 365, the FWC must deal with the dispute (other than by arbitration).

Note:          The FWC may deal with a dispute by mediation or conciliation, or by making a recommendation or expressing an opinion (see subsection 595(2)). One of the recommendations that the FWC might make is that an application be made under Part 3-2 (which deals with unfair dismissal) in relation to the dispute.

             (2)  Any conference conducted for the purposes of dealing with the dispute (other than by arbitration) must be conducted in private, despite subsection 592(3).

Note:          For conferences, see section 592.

             (3)  If the FWC is satisfied that all reasonable attempts to resolve the dispute (other than by arbitration) have been, or are likely to be, unsuccessful, then:

                     (a)  the FWC must issue a certificate to that effect; and

                     (b)  if the FWC considers, taking into account all the materials before it, that arbitration under section 369, or a general protections court application, in relation to the dispute would not have a reasonable prospect of success, the FWC must advise the parties accordingly.

             (4)  A general protections court application is an application to a court under Division 2 of Part 4-1 for orders in relation to a contravention of this Part.

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