Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Determining whether property is applied for benefit of beneficiary

             (1)  In determining for the purposes of section 99B whether any amount has been applied for the benefit of a beneficiary of a trust estate, regard shall be had to all benefits that have accrued at any time to the beneficiary (whether or not the beneficiary had rights at law or in equity in or to those benefits) as a result of the derivation of, or in relation to, that amount, irrespective of the nature or form of the benefits.

             (2)  Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), an amount shall be taken, for the purposes of section 99B, to have been applied for the benefit of a beneficiary if:

                     (a)  whether by re-investment, accumulation, capitalization or otherwise, and whether directly or indirectly, the amount has been so dealt with that it will, at a future time, and whether in the form of income or not, enure for the benefit of the beneficiary;

                     (b)  the derivation of the amount has operated to increase the value to the beneficiary of any property or rights of any kind held by or for the benefit of the beneficiary;

                     (c)  the beneficiary has received or become entitled to receive any benefit (including a loan or a repayment, in whole or in part, of a loan, or any other payment of any kind) provided directly or indirectly out of that amount or out of property or money that was available for the purpose by reason of the derivation of the amount;

                     (d)  the beneficiary has power, by means of the exercise by the beneficiary of any power of appointment or revocation or otherwise, to obtain, whether with or without the consent of any other person, the beneficial enjoyment of the amount; or

                     (e)  the beneficiary has directly or indirectly assigned to another person his or her interest in the amount or is able, in any manner whatsoever, and whether directly or indirectly, to control the application of that interest.

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