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Arrangement payment periods

             (1)  An * arrangement payment period is a period for which a payment under the * arrangement is allocated or expressed to be payable.

             (2)  However, if a period exceeds 6 months, the period is not an * arrangement payment period but each of the following parts of the period is a separate arrangement payment period:

                     (a)  the part of the period beginning at the start of that period and ending 6 months later;

                     (b)  each part of the period:

                              (i)  beginning immediately after a part of the period that is an arrangement payment period under paragraph (a) or under a previous application of this paragraph; and

                             (ii)  ending 6 months after the start of that later part or at the end of the period, whichever first occurs.

Table of sections

Operative provisions

240-75      When is the end of the arrangement?

240-80      What happens if the arrangement is extended or renewed

240-85      What happens if an amount is paid by or on behalf of the notional buyer to acquire the property

240-90      What happens if the notional buyer ceases to have the right to use the property

Operative provisions

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