Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Application for registration

  (1)   An individual may apply to the Migration Agents Registration Authority to be registered as a registered migration agent.

Publishing requirement

  (2)   The individual must satisfy 1 of 2 publishing options set out in section   288A, unless the individual has been registered at some time within the period, immediately before making the application, that is prescribed for the purposes of this subsection.

Form of application

  (3)   A registration application is to be in a form approved in writing by the Authority and contain such information relevant to the application as is required by the form.

Note:   The applicant may be required to make a statutory declaration, or to answer questions, in relation to the application: see section   288B.

Time of application

  (4)   The day on which a registration application is taken to have been made is the day worked out in accordance with the regulations.

Registration application fee

  (5)   The Authority must not consider a registration application unless the applicant has paid the registration application fee (if any) on the application.

Evidence of publication

  (6)   If the applicant is required under this section to satisfy 1 of 2 publishing options, the Authority must not consider the application unless the applicant has:

  (a)   satisfied one of those options; and

  (b)   given the Authority evidence of the publication concerned.

Proceedings finalised about previous registration

  (6A)   If:

  (a)   the applicant has been registered at some time before making the application; and

  (b)   the Authority made a decision to suspend or cancel the applicant's registration; and

  (c)   the applicant made an application (the review application ) for review of the decision under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 or for judicial review of the decision;

then the Authority must not consider the registration application unless it is satisfied that all proceedings (including any appeals) resulting from the review application have been finalised.

Withdrawal of application

  (7)   The applicant may withdraw an application by giving notice in writing to the Authority. However, the applicant is not entitled to a refund of the registration application fee paid in relation to the application.

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