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Simplified outline of this Part

This Part provides a limited form of review of certain decisions ( fast track decisions ) to refuse protection visas to some applicants, including unauthorised maritime arrivals who entered Australia on or after 13 August 2012, but before 1 January 2014, and who have not been taken to a regional processing country. These applicants are known as fast track review applicants and decisions to refuse to grant them protection visas are known as fast track reviewable decisions .

Fast track decisions made in relation to some applicants are excluded from the fast track review process. These applicants are known as excluded fast track review applicants .

Fast track review applicants and excluded fast track review applicants are collectively known as fast track applicants .

Fast track reviewable decisions must be referred by the Minister to the Immigration Assessment Authority as soon as reasonably practicable after a decision is made. A person cannot make an application for review directly to the Immigration Assessment Authority.

Decisions to refuse to grant protection visas to fast track applicants are generally not otherwise reviewable under this Act, although some decisions are reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The Immigration Assessment Authority consists of the President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the head of the Migration and Refugee Division of the Tribunal, the Senior Reviewer and other Reviewers. The President and that Division head are responsible for the overall administration and operation of the Immigration Assessment Authority. The Senior Reviewer is appointed by the President or that Division head. The Senior Reviewers and other Reviewers are engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 .

In reviewing fast track reviewable decisions, the Immigration Assessment Authority is required to pursue the objective of providing a mechanism of limited review that is efficient, quick, free of bias and consistent with Division 3 (conduct of review).

The Immigration Assessment Authority does not hold hearings and is required to review decisions on the papers that are provided to it when decisions are referred to it. However, in exceptional circumstances the Immigration Assessment Authority may consider new material and may invite referred applicants to provide, or comment on, new information at an interview or in writing.

The Immigration Assessment Authority may affirm a referred decision or may remit the decision for reconsideration in accordance with directions.

The Immigration Assessment Authority may give directions restricting the disclosure of information. There are also specific requirements for the giving and receiving of documents.

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